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PITANIUM is pleased to announce the launch of  the new store in Gateway Arcade, Harbour City. PITANIUM concept forms the combination of  “PINK + TITANIUM”, “PITANIUM” is an expression of everything is fancy in pink but resistant to corrosion, just like titanium. We believe that everyone can personalize their own flawless skin through their own skincare routine.

What is unusual is not always threatening

There are no more boundaries about age and colour tone, it would not be like the traditional way to do whitening but ‘Pinkening”. Through the experience of the product, understand the efficacy and principle of each product to coordinate the product to the best use effect that maintains the healthy condition of the skin from the root.

Pi-AnalyseScalp Analysis Service

Now visit the pop-up store and enjoy free Pi-Analyse scalp analysis services, which examines the scalp and hair to help you understand all kinds of problems you may have and learn how to tackle. After the analysis, you can receive a complimentary Pitanium Scalp Recovery Kit, which helps recover and revive your scalp to the best state.

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