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Embodying both style and substance, Rosso Valentino is set to reinvent the modern lipstick category. Built from an extensive color palette of 50 shades going from reds (tomato red, pinky reds, browny reds) to a gallery of pinks and plums, to modern nudes – one with a wholly inclusive slant – to luminous oranges and rich corals, and statement-making purple and blue.

Two Textures, Same True Color

Created using the Roma-Light Complex™, a color booster that ensures luminosity and intensity, Rosso Valentino highlights a skill and grasp concerning the nuances of undertones. It delivers striking color in one stroke. There are two impressive technology-driven textures. A new generation satin with luxurious glide and intense pay off, this is a liquid lipstick encapsulated in a stick. Its matte counterpart, a soft creamy velvet matte with a blurred finish, is infused with mattifiers and gliding oils ensuring a sublime comfort level rare in traditional mattes, the intense color is non-fading and stays true.

Color Changing Luminosity with Pearls

Colors are infused with more light to increase their luminosity and intensity. This specific light adds flattering and radiant reflection power. Crafted with color boosting pearls, this unique technology enhances the luminosity and radiance of each shade by refracting back maximum light. The first type of pearl is a radiant pearl. Chosen among 500 pearls, it is multi-layered, catching the light and reflecting it back softly, without giving a shiny effect. In the satin formula, these radiant pearls merge with colored pearls. The soft-matte formula focuses on blurring the light. To do so the Roma-Light Complex™ blends radiant and blurred pearls, that capture light and diffuse it without fading its color. Rosso Valentino exterior has been designed with intention. The unique V shaped bullet is specifically designed for precision of application. And is fully refillable. This is a nod to Valentino’s commitment to the future and the celebration of individuality, with the possibility of changing color, consciously. With patented formulas, an extensive, fully inclusive range of shades and design principles that go beyond the aesthetic, Rosso Valentino marks a generation of lipstick for anyone and everyone who dreams of beauty.

ROSSO VALENTINO Star Shade (Warm): AMBRA Undertone

111A – Undressed Velvet
409A – Copper Couture
219A – Star Studded
409A – Copper Couture

ROSSO VALENTINO Star Shade (Cool): ROSA Undertone

100R – Romance Grace
213R - Sensuous Red
223R – Lyrical Red
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