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Little moments, great traditions
Tap into the festive world of Marimekko

10 Dec, 2022

Marimekko Holiday season is a tradition of its own, full of beautiful prints, colors and optimism. Holiday happiness is the sum of micro-moments of joy – those funny, whimsical, often unexpected bits of life that make you smile. In the festive world of Marimekko, spending relaxed time together is more precious than reaching for perfection.

For Spirited Homebody – Kitchen & Dining Items

It’s time to plan your partytablescape! Spruce up your holiday table by drawing inspiration from these striking signature UNIKKO print homeware that will surely wow your guests and create a memorable impression! It also makes the perfect gift for any party host, tea or coffee lover!



For Ritual Pamperer – Home Décor

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to perform the home-cleaning ritual and giving your home a makeover. How about gift your special someone with homeware that can uplift their personal spaces and exude a sense of restoration?

For The Hedonistics – Bag & Accessories

Looking for a “green” and meaningful gift for the Christmas? This Marimade Collection lunch box and takeaway mug are eco-friendly gifts that anyone will appreciate. Made from sustainable material, this gift set is perfect for friends who love picnic or camping. Our signature UNIKKO scarf can also add a warm and energetic touch to the festive season!



For The Bold Sartorialist – Fashion Styling

Wanna bring the holiday cheer to your festive look? A playful outfit with bold print is a great choice if you’re planning to throw an Instagram-worthy party.



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