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Cupid-Approved Jewelry Pieces To Delight Your Better Half

09 Feb, 2021

A date night out is probably out of the picture this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t woo her with a thoughtful gift that she’s going to cherish for years to come. We’ve put together a list of luxury jewelry pieces that will win her heart.

Everlasting commitment

True love is when you’ve seen each other’s best, and still love each other at their worst. If you’re looking for the perfect ring  to pop the question this season of love, make sure to check out Boucheron. Paved with diamonds, the Boucheron Beloved solitaire ring in platinum, set with a 0.5-carat round diamond, is a classic and elegant piece that she’ll definitely say “yes” to.

The Facette solitaire ring in platinum, set with a 0.3-carat diamond, on the other hand, is all about the modern aesthetics. The intriguing design of the band reflects the light just like every facet of the diamond.

Timeless elegance

Since 1919, Italian high-jewelry house Buccellati  has been launching one stunning piece after another, many of which took inspiration from renowned Italian artists, such as Renaissance master Botticelli, sculptor Donatello, among other painters of Impressionism and post-Impressionism. 

If art happens to be a passion of your significant other, look no further because she’s going to adore the pendant from the Tulle collection pendant of fine cut-outs emulating silver gold lace. Or the Macri collection that offers a more classical style, with the diamond at the center being the star. The Ghirlanda collection features a heart diamond surrounded by the wreath-like shape of diamonds and silver gold metal, symbolizing every warm embrace from you.

To infinity and beyond

The perfect love symbols of heart and infinity are in the core of De Beers’ latest collection. Considered one of the most romantic and technically difficult cuts to achieve, the heart-shaped diamonds come in the form of a pair of studded earrings in 18k white gold, a matching pendant, as well as a solitaire ring. All framed by a halo of micropavé diamonds  – the iconic De Beers’ Aura setting. When paired with the new Infinity pendant, each of the jewelry pieces is going to captivate her heart.

據說心形切割的鑽石是最浪漫的寶石,因為無論是長寬比例和對稱度是非常費功,漂亮的心形鑽石更是極為罕有。De Beers 這次也推出心形切割鑽石飾品,全部採Aura 鑲嵌方式,使每顆鑽石更顯耀眼。特別推介這款18k 白金耳環,心形式樣顯得溫婉可愛,而且造工精細,非常適合你心中的她。

据说心形切割的鑽石是最浪漫的宝石,因为无论是长宽比例和对称度是非常费功,漂亮的心形鑽石更是极为罕有。De Beers 这次也推出心形切割鑽石饰品,全部採Aura 镶嵌方式,使每颗鑽石更显耀眼。特别推介这款18k 白金耳环,心形式样显得温婉可爱,而且造工精细,非常适合你心中的她。

Fashion-lovers rejoice

Founder of French jewelry label Messika, Valérie Messika spent her childhood learning the ins and outs of quality jewelry-making from her father, famous diamond merchant André Messika. Since 2005, the maison has been enjoying its stardom thanks to such celebrity clients as Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner.

The Move Classic collection, comprising the Baby Move Necklace, Move Bracelet, Move Uno Rings and Earrings, melds the embodiment of sensual love with contemporary fashion accessories. The diamonds’ continued movements also represent the love of yesterday, today, and tomorrow – making them such perfect gifts for your one-and-only.

A piece of your heart

Comes in the Tiffany blue gift box that just can’t go wrong, the HardWear Pearl Lock Necklace in sterling silver by Tiffany&Co.  features gauge links design; it symbolizes an everlasting promise of love to your valentine.

Alternatively, you may have your personalized message – or simply, your initials, engraved onto the Tiffany 1837® Makers pendant so it’s always close to her heart.

To the blissfully in love couples, it’s never about an extravagant six-course meal, or a giant bouquet. It’s all about spending quality time together on this special day with you special someone.

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