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A memory of flowers, between lightness and pleasure.

As a child, Yves Coueslant, one of the diptyque’s founders, spend his summer at the seaside in the pagoda that his father has built in Do Son, in Halong Bay. Far from the humid heat of the large port in Haiphong, the air was cooler. The sea breeze carried with it the heady and slightly spicy scent of tuberoses that his mother loved so much. Do Son has both, the delicateness, and the persistence of a memory from a childhood in Indochina.

In the eau de parfum, the tuberose is more enduring. Its scent brings to mind the sunset hour, when the white flowers stand out in the darkness of the wooden pagoda.

The collection of Do Son was created back in 2005. It was a creative inspiration by diptyque and Fabrice Pellegrin. Filled with floral sense, this olfactory collection used raw materials including Tuberose, Orange blossom, Jasmine. With the olfactory accident of marine accord, it provides a breath of air, bringing out the scent of fresh tuberose flowers born upon the sea breeze.

This limited-edition book gathers a major photographer’s reinterpretations of Do Son’s poetic universe. His vision, which draws on childhood and the great masters of literature and painting, has revolutionized the field of photography over several decades.

Through his eyes,

Do Son takes on an oneiric dimension where each of its facets becomes a world in itself –

a world hovering between dreams and the imaginary.

As the pages turn, perfume transforms into images…

A wooden junk sails on an ocean shrouded in mist,

a sculpted pagoda becomes a shelter of shimmering butterflies,

a gentle puff of smoke caresses the waves before capturing the heady perfume of tuberoses.

Here is the sweetness of a moment suspended in time,

one that carries away the imagination and the senses.

An encounter between a memory of flowers and reminiscences of a childhood spent in Indochina.

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