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An Eau de Cologne that releases in every note an exciting light-heartedness.

C for COMMUNITY, L for LIFE, U for UNIQUE, B for BOND.

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A new sensation, a sharing of vibrant experiences of an exciting light-heartedness which nourishes the soul, when you’re precisely where you want to be, surrounded by people with whom you share an emotional connection, which lights up an inner feeling of joy. Feeling safe in a life-long bond, because being together gives us strength, in one’s own uniqueness.

These are the sensations conveyed by COLONIA C.L.U.B., a new inclusive ‘club’ that celebrates unforgettable moments: The desire to be with friends, the happiness of sharing new experiences and new discoveries, an impromptu dinner, the aperitif in one’s favourite spot, or even a weekend trip. A genderless and welcoming C.L.U.B., just like the Eau de Cologne it symbolises.

Four letters, unique and distinct, each one with a precise meaning: C for Community, L for Life, U for Unique, B Bond, the fundamental values of this community. A large family, of true and spontaneous life-long bonds, a new dimension, a deep connection, the exciting trust that is shown when you feel loved for your own uniqueness.

Colonia C.L.U.B. is a vibrant and enveloping Colonia that celebrates the moments that count, those moments that are all the more real and authentic because they have been experienced together. Joyous emotions that are felt straight away: notes of lemon and bergamot can be distinguished right from the start, giving a sparkling allure and providing a feeling of togetherness and connection. At the same time, the spicy touch of pink berries and black pepper create an indissoluble bond with the aromatic heart of the fragrance, to which is added the freshness of shiso and rosemary. In a final embrace, the comfortable notes of cedarwood and musk conjure up that feeling which is shown when you’re precisely where you want to be, accepted for your own identity. A dynamic and carefree fragrance like the moments shared with friends: a C.L.U.B. in which you can be yourself.

The bottle, made of clear glass, is an ode to light-heartedness and inclusiveness. Green, which characterises both the label and the top, as well as the cylindrical box, conveys the aromatic notes of the fragrance, while the logo and the emblem in gold enhance their bright tones.

COLONIA C.L.U.B. is also environmentally-friendly: with a view to sustainability, the bottle, which is made partly of recycled glass, and with a top made of recycled plastic, is fitted with a dispenser which helps make it easy to separate for recycling.

The outer packaging is made of 100% FSC cardboard, a certification that promotes responsible forestry management worldwide. Finally, the labels are made of fully recyclable mono-material.

A perfume that talks of life, of people with whom you share that unique and sincere bond which fills you with strength. A hymn to trust and to every aspect of your own uniqueness.

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