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Embrace These 7 Mindsets To Be The Better Version Of Yourself

16 Aug, 2021

Stay motivated and take inspirations from these seven lesser-known lifestyle brands that totally deserve a shoutout. Let’s begin our journey with small steps that will make a huge difference in pushing past our limits!

Be curious

Never stop exploring. Scientists’ relentless quest for breakthroughs are the driving force behind the advancements of technologies and the ability to change the world.

Founded in 1888 by 33 scientists, explorers, and scholars, National Geographic is the world’s largest science and exploration non-profit foundation. Taking its dedication to showing the world’s wonder and exciting new facts, the foundation has stepped into the fashion arena with its new boutique at Harbour City.

Each of the three signature collections presented by National Geographic Apparel – namely the Original Line, Urban Line, and Essential Line, melds an explorer’s historical moments with innovative product designs.  

Be different

Dare to express your personality freely. Merge. has launched its first concept store at Harbour City this summer to celebrate diverse styles and individuality with its four homegrown fashion brands – ARTO., CAR2IE, Charlotte Ng Studio, and FromClothingOf.

The four local designers are the creative brains behind the four brands and from time to time, station at the boutique to speak to shoppers on how to incorporate different modernist silhouettes into their wardrobe.

For those who are keen to find out what works best for them, the professional color analysts in-store are here to help – so you can find the color palettes that flatter your style most.

Be connotative

Learn from the past could help us to be a better me. Founded in 2009, aalis has established itself as a vintage-inspired clothing store known for its traditional tweeds, lace and mesh patterns. aalis is about a commitment to dressing with retro elements into modern style. Customer can dress up with aalis’s blazers or long-sleeved shirts on any seasons of the year, which can mix and match with elegant and handsome style.

Be active

We are all no stranger to the endless health benefits that come with exercising regularly, so be active!

Originated in Japan, Descente was founded in 1935 and specializes in sportswear that is as aesthetically appealing as they are highly functional. Top athletes and sport enthusiasts alike can find an array of products from edgy athleisure wear, sweat-wicking clothing to the most stylish gym bags and sports gear, so you can stay motivated as you put your best foot forward.

Be courageous

Dream big and don’t stop pushing boundaries. Never settle with what is available and shoot for the moon!

Two Hong Kong college graduates were looking for affordable yet functional backpacks for their graduation trips 11 years ago, but it turned out they decided to custom-make their own. A total of 100 backpacks were produced and their humble venture has now transformed from a local label to an international brand – Doughnut, which has set foot in over 30 countries.

The myriad of collections including backpacks, crossbody bags, convertible bags and suitcases all have roomy and highly functional interiors with multiple compartments, so you can keep your daily essentials organized in style.   

Be creative

Inspirations are everywhere.

Parisian luxury fragrance house MEMO PARIS is known for its journey-inspired scents. Every trip means something different to individual travelers, just like how each scent differs from person to person.

Every fragrance housed in the first-ever concept store in town at Harbour City represents the brand’s motto “The journey is the destination” to the fullest through transforming beautiful landscapes and precious memories brought by a unique destination to a keepsake on your beauty cabinet.

The scented trails extend to the French label’s Home Line too. After consuming the candles elegantly seated in the tea cups, simply clean the cups thoroughly and pamper yourself with a tea service made with white Bone china porcelain, made and gold-gilded by hands in France. The novelty set is both genius and environmentally-friendly.

Be appreciative

Celebrate little moments and discover the beauty that lies within them.

Slow down and find happiness in the smallest of things at Rituals. The extensive collection of home and body care products are designed to transform daily routines into meaningful moments.

Give your me-time experience a spa-like upgrade with The Ritual of Sakura. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Hanami – or flower-viewing, the collection pays homage to the elegant blend of cherry blossom and creamy rice milk. The two ingredients combined create an indulging and rejuvenating fragrance experience for the body, mind, and soul.  

As you soak in the aromatic experience and appreciate little things in life, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for always striving to be a better version of yourself!

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