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Harbour City always supports different environmental campaigns to encourage waste reduction. For example, to place recycling bins in the mall, to execute food waste disposal and glass bottle recycling program for F&B outlets etc.  Harbour City also organized various marketing campaigns to promote sustainability, such as toys exchange day, second-hand school bag & stationary collection and mooncake donation. In addition, Harbour City has launched a limited-edition artist thermal bottle last Christmas.

Food takeaways have become the daily practice of everyone. To encourage the public to go “plastic-and-disposable-free” and promote healthy meals, from 11 June to 31 October 2021,  Harbour City launches a “Eat Well Be Well” Limited-Edition Food Box and Cutlery Set. Riding on the world-famous Finnish design house Marimekko 70th Anniversary, the food box and cutlery set packed with a colourful Marimekko Furoshiki will be exclusively available from Harbour City, so that everyone can carry the food box as a lifestyle accessory. 25 F&B outlets also support the “Eat Well Be Well” campaign, and 10 of them offer extra instant discount for customers who order takeaways and bring their own box or drink container.

RedeemEat Well Be Well” Food Box & Cutlery Set + Exclusive Marimekko Furoshiki 

“Eat Well Be Well” themed activity aims at encouraging customers to go “plastic-and-disposable-free” and have a healthy meal. The Limited-Edition Food Box and Cutlery Set including a round bowl with lid, combinable cutlery, come with a colourful Marimekko Furoshiki exclusively available from Harbour City, offering 2 types of pattern for selection. Customers can unleash their creativity, and make the food box and cutlery set look stylish and fashionable. The cutlery can be stored in the corner of the Furoshiki, and the Furoshiki could be also used as a table mat or scarf on handbag’s handle.

Watch the Furoshiki Uses Video

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Bring own box and Enjoy Instant Discount & Coupon from 10 F&B outlets 

25 participating F&B outlets support this campaign and motivate eco-friendly dining practices. From 11 June to 31 Oct 2021, customers can bring their own reusable containers for takeaways to the F&B outlets with promotion logo, such as Kinabaji, Greyhound Café, Hainan Shaoye. What’s more, 10 of the designated F&B outlets are also offering courtesy instant discount!

During the promotional period, enjoy HK$5 discount for bringing your own reusable containers for food takeaways and HK$2 discount for bringing your own reusable cups for drinks takeaways. Customers can transform cash discount into donation*. Moreover,  customers who order takeaway or have meal with their own food box / drink container at Harbour City, can post the related photo on their social media platform to get up to HK$200 dining coupon.

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For those seeking a bit of fresh air and scenic vistas at lunchtime, Harbour City has several large public spaces, like Ocean Terminal Deck, the boardwalk just outside the Gateway Arcade and Ocean Centre, the long stretch etc.

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