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Since its inception, fine jewellery brand Qeelin has been passionately fusing creativity with blessing and love, bringing oriental wisdom to meaningful message in modern life. This May, Qeelin presents the brand new Wulu Echo collection, a celebration of self-love and a reflection of the brighter side of ourselves.

Designed in symmetry, the mythical gourd upon which Wulu took its shape is now paired up and mirroring each other. The echoing Wulus refer to the heart and its own reflection: resonation with inner self allows one to stand the test of time with confidence.

Crafted in 18k rose gold, the Wulu Echo collection offers a diverse range of jewellery: from bangles and rings to ear hoops and necklaces. Paved with diamonds or adorned in red HyCeram®, the curvaceous form of the Wulu is testament to Qeelin’s excellent craftsmanship. Let the sparkle echo from your wrist or ears, bring radiance to the neck and face.

The dainty appearance of Wulu Echo easily brings a smile, while at the same time offering many ways to display your own personal charm. The curvy design is simply a style symbol while the undulating figure-of-eight silhouette of the bangle signifies individuality. Wulu Echo makes perfect fashion statement and can be worn alone or in a multifarious combination of stacking and layering.

Jewellery is the intimate language of love and the new Wulu Echo is crafted to be your own visual storyteller, capturing beautiful moments and promises of self­ love in style.

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