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Emporio Armani R-EA Spring/Summer 2021

20 Apr, 2021

The Emporio Armani R-EA collection brings together the most advanced textile research in terms of sustainability with practical and functional design. This season the strictly blue and white palette, the shapes offset from the body, hoods, toggles, and the contrasting stitching, all suggest marine settings and nautical adventures.

The men’s wardrobe consists of parkas, anoraks, blousons, Bermuda shorts and dungarees, while the women’s range includes light dusters, mini tops, oversized sweatshirts, cargo pants and Bermuda shorts.

Every single material and accessory used is certified according to the most relevant international standards in the field of eco-sustainability: technical fabrics such as GREENLON and NEWLIFE are made in Italy with nylon and post-consumer polyester derived from plastic bottles; the crinkle, highly wear-resistant nylon, comes from the recycling of plastic waste such as fishing nets and lint from synthetic carpets;

while the organic cotton used has a low environmental impact, employs no GMO (genetically modified organisms), and is grown without the use of pesticides or toxic chemical fertilisers. The cotton for the R-EA shopper, on the other hand, comes from pre-consumer recycled textile production waste, returned to circulation in the supply chain.

A model of sunglasses and a watch made of low-impact materials complete the offer.

The certified compostable packaging also underlines the intent of the project.

The result is a technical, practical and environmentally-responsible collection.

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