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Six Artisanal Design Brands You Should Know @ Eslite Spectrum

27 Dec, 2017

Eslite Spectrum combines tradition and innovation through a curated selection of products focused on craftsmanship. They pride themselves on working with the next generation of craftsmen and craftswomen from around the world with the goal of reimaging daily life. Stop by one of their six counters and walk away with a truly unique product that embodies form and function.


CheckCheckCin | 2/F
CheckCheckCin offers a healing selection of rice waters and herbal drinks categorized by seven different “feelings.” It was founded by Cinci, a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. The meaning behind the name is to check first in Cantonese and represents a holistic and healing experience.


Loja das Conservas offers traditional canned fish from almost 20 different and iconic Portuguese purveyors. There are more than 500 products on display that carry a story of heritage with every bite.

Hong Kong Smart Designs | 2/F
The Hong Kong Smart Design Concept was conceived by the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards and organized by The Hong Kong Exporters Association. Its role is to showcase original design emanating from Hong Kong. The awards aim to motivate and encourage Hong Kong manufacturers and exporters to explore the transformative nature of design and to pursue business around design, strategy, and technology to create a “smart business.” The awards serve not only a product-design competition but also to recognize and highlight local creativity. It’s a platform utilized by both designers and companies alike to explore potential partnership opportunities. Stop by and see what some of the local talent has to offer!


Miracle Dynasty | 3/F
For almost 200 years, bone china was exclusively produced in the United Kingdom. Miracle Dynasty is one such brand which was given the honor of producing exclusive porcelain for aristocrats and the Royal Family. Since 2001, they’ve made inroads into Asia and created some beautifully-crafted products that both look beautiful and stand-up to the rigors of everyday life.


Design Port & BEIS Leather Workshop | 3/F
Design Pot is a local Hong Kong collective was founded on the premise of creating an opportunity where society and its people can coexist together with “warmth and human touch. The Shek Kip Mei outfit sells a range of hand-crafted goods from across the world and products that fit any lifestyle.

Guzzini’s story started in 1912. The tableware brand’s goal was to satisfy the relationship between people and objects, offering unique features and opportunities for enjoyment along the way. Since then, they’ve combined material research, new technologies, and a clear understanding of trends and taste to create a full-fledged modern homeware company. With every Guzzini piece comes a story full of function, quality, and aesthetics.

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