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Popular Japanese restaurant, Grill Mantenboshi Hong Kong, known for its famous omurice, has become a must-visit spot for all egg rice lovers since its opening at Harbour City. The restaurant is now introducing a limited-time “HOJICHA” dessert series, perfect for tea enthusiasts. Grill Mantenboshi Hong Kong has selected 100% Kyoto tea leaves and used Nishimura roasted tea powder, carefully baked by the pastry chef to create a rich and flavorful tea taste. Whether you are a tea lover or someone seeking new flavors, this is an opportunity not to be missed.  


The limited-time “HOJICHA” dessert series includes three delectable desserts: Japanese Hojicha Parfait, Japanese Hojicha and Mochi Souffle Pancakes, and Japanese Hojicha Waffle. Each dessert is carefully crafted by the pastry chef using high-quality ingredients and strict standards to create a mouth-watering taste sensation and a delightful roasted tea aroma. Japanese Hojicha Parfait features creamy roasted tea milk ice cream combined with red bean paste, rich roasted tea jelly, and chocolate wafers, creating a layered and silky smooth texture. The Japanese Hojicha and Mochi Souffle Pancakes is a soft and fluffy pancake wrapped around chewy mochi, perfectly blended with rich roasted tea ingredients, creating a perfect harmony of flavors in every bite. The Japanese Hojicha Waffle is a fusion of crispy waffle exterior with soft roasted tea ice cream and roasted tea ingredients, delivering a strong roasted tea flavor in every bite.

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