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Where eating out, picking up or delivery were the norms before, people have made cooking a part of their lives again and have been purchasing appliances to help bring the restaurant experience home. Here are just some appliances we recommend that combine home-made convenience with restaurant quality outcomes.


Let’s begin at the start of your day: The NOWPRESSO Portable Espresso Machine from Fortress is perfect for morning rituals or bringing your favorite coffee wherever you go. The cordless espresso maker boils, pumps and dispenses, making the entire experience self-contained in one piece for easy carry.

 For those who prefer their own blended beverages, The BOSCH Vacuum Blender at Broadway is perfect for smoothies, baby food,  cocktails and soups — and it helps them stay fresh longer too.

Days only get better with soup. The JNC Cyclone Soup Blender allows you to make yummy soup in minutes. With durable 6-piece stainless steel blades, you can thoroughly blend all food together. Make soup, porridge, stir fry, icy drinks, meat, jams and sauce with 12 default menus!

Food Processing

If you’re thinking more long term and want more diversity in the things you can make, The Bruno Multi Stick Blender comes with extra attachments that allow you to do things like whip cream for a refreshing berry parfait or to top off your apple pie. Look for this one at city’super.

The Essentials

Need a perfect appliance for handing luxury ingredients? The GERMANPOOL Seafood Delicacy Cooker available at Chung Yuen keeps moderated heat for stewing luxury ingredients. Make a perfect Chinese meal for family with abalone, shark fin and sea cucumber!

For those with smaller kitchens or want a versatile cooking solution, the Nathome Multi-Function Cooker,  is an all-in-one cooking platform you’ll find at Fortress. It includes a heating base and both a pot and pan with detachable handles. This allows you to make essential dishes like steaks and stir fries, and also keep a spicy soup stock boiling for sliced beef, veggies, noodles and all your other hot pot favorites!

Oven Lovin’

When it comes to reproducing the restaurant experience at home, having an oven is a given for making dishes you can’t quite get on a stove top. The Toffy Toaster Oven, which you can find at Fortress has two separately heated layers. This means you could go Greek and prepare chicken souvlaki skewers on one while roasting potatoes with olive oil and lemon on the other. And if you’re someone who loves french fries, wings and fried chicken (aren’t we all), the Recolate Air Oven lets you do just that without the mess and added calories that come with using oil. Find this one at City Super as well.

Perfect for Parties

We couldn’t leave out these super adorable items from the BRUNO x Snoopy 70th anniversary range. Featuring a hotplate and sandwich maker (both at city’super), these allow you to make some of your favorite handheld snacks and street foods and are great for small gatherings. Use the sandwich maker to make ham and cheese toasties and the hot plate to whip up your own mini omelettes made to order just the way you like them.

Upping your game

Cooking is a lot of fun and is a more than worthwhile pursuit. With the right tools for the job, you can save time and effort, which means more freedom to enjoy meals with loved ones, work on your craft in other areas — or to just try more ideas!

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