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Dine-in dinners are back. SAVVY, the city’s contemporary lifestyle dining destination, celebrates this long-awaited return with a new à la carte menu that showcases an international gastronomic experience, allowing diners to rediscover the joys of eating out in the evenings. Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Derek Ng, SAVVY’ s team of talented chefs presents an array of delectable Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Singaporean and western specialities on the new à la carte menu.

The signature Tom Yum Kung is not to be missed. Served with a beautiful syphon setup that is commonly seen for coffee brewing, the presentation not only SAVVY and Instagrammable but also enhances the experience for the senses. By heating and cooling the vacuum brewer filled with spices, lemongrass and herbs, guest can savour a heart-warming bowl of hot and sour soup with a more complex and full-bodied flavour.

Another Southeast Asian highlight is the Otak Otak, a traditional snack from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Wrapped in banana leaves and coated with spices, the grilled fishcake is light yet savoury and is especially delicious when eaten with the accompanying peanut sauce.

At SAVVY, guests can also enjoy a close-up view of the action behind the open kitchen, where Chef Yadav Sanjay cooks up flavoursome and classic Indian dishes. An all-time favourite is the Indian Lamb Curry. Presented beautifully on a traditional crescent plate, the curry is served with freshly homemade hot buttered naan. Another appetising delicacy is the Tiger King Prawns.It’ s made with a cylindrical clay tandoori oven at the open kitchen and is served with vegetable chaat, mint yoghurt sauce and baked garlic naan.

Other delectable international dishes include Indonesian Potato and Beef Curry presented in a young coconut and Galangal Fried Chicken served with colourful and crunchy keropokcrackers from Malaysia.

The new menu also features gourmet items from the grill. Grilled Hokkaido Sea Scallops  delicately plated with edible flowers and balsamic vinegar is a delight for the eyes and the palate.

Meanwhile, Australia Wagyu Sirloin Steak (8oz), Milk-fed Lamb Chops and Nürnberger Sausage Wheel ½ kg are must-eats for meat lovers.

Guests can also be wine-SAVVY and match their exquisite dinner with drinks for a perfect night out. Available on Friday and Saturday nights throughout May and June, the SAVVY Mini Wine Market offers complimentary wine tastings for every diner. In addition, the private dining room will be transformed into a pop[1]up store featuring a wide selection of wines. Guest can receive insightful tips from wine experts as they enjoy their pours at SAVVY, or they can purchase exceptionally well-priced bottles to savour at home.

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