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To celebrate the 5.20 World Bee Day and promote the awareness of bee conservation, Guerlain invites each and every one of us to the BEE GARDEN at Ocean Terminal Forecourt and Lobby, Harbour City from 20 to 31 May 2023. With interactive games, art exhibitions, music shows, and eco-friendly events, Guerlain will bring us into the oasis amidst the hustle and bustle. Get ready to reward yourself with this French-styled getaway!

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As you step into the BEE GARDEN, you will be greeted by a Instagrammable photo spot with the theme of “Harvest of Love”. Then, kick off your journey with the BEE GAME by locating and feeding the little hidden AR honeybee with your phone. Move ahead for the BEE SUSTAINABLE session, which showcases the creations by Louis Koo, Tiger @MIRROR, and the sustainable artist, Bertha Shum. Inspired by Guerlain Crypto Bee, a wide range of environmentally friendly materials were used to create these exquisite bee artworks. Let’s get to know the eco ideas of the artworks and select your favourite! 360 BEE GARDEN awaits you at the end of the forecourt. Capture the perfect 360-degree video of yourself while being surrounded by the harvests of love garden. Don’t forget to share it on social media with specific hashtags to spread the joy and positivity! BEE GARDEN Music Show will be held at 4pm on 21 and 26 May, with the honeyed vocal performances by Cloud Wan & Feanna Wong (21 May),  Ng Lam Fung & Andy Kwong & Chloe Wong (26 May).

Make your way to the perfume booth at the lobby for the unique Aqua Allegoria Interactive Experience. Through the digital interactive table, you can learn about the story of the new Aqua Allegoria Harvest Collection and enjoy the art of harvest and nature. You can also register to join the Harvest of Love Floral Box Workshop and Bee Harvest Message Board Workshop and take your own sweet designs home! Moreover, Pei Chung, a local illustrator, is specially invited to design your personalized Aqua Allegoria fragrance bottle upon purchase of Aqua Allegoria at BEE GARDEN on 21, 27-28 May from 2pm – 6pm. As a grand finale of this awe-inspiring journey, Guerlain has prepared a beauty gift as a token of appreciation for the “Bee Squad” and gratitude for making our environment better.

Date: 20 – 31 May 2023
Time: 10am – 9pm
Venue: Ocean Terminal Forecourt & Lobby, Harbour City
Enquiries: 3101 0667
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