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Fall Camping Guide: Latest Gear and Clothing Accessories You Need

27 Sep, 2022

A light whiff of autumnal breeze is (finally) hinting at the arrival of fall. Arguably the best season to enjoy the outdoors, it’s time to gear up and plan ahead as your excitement for a cozy campfire grows.

Be sure to check out these latest finds at Harbour City, where you can find all you need to make your fall camping trip an amazing one.

Look the part

Whether you plan to spend time backcountry or stay in an RV at a campsite, versatility is key when it comes to camping outfits.

AIGLE has recently launched its URBAN ESCAPISM collection for Fall/Winter 22, which infuses modern styles into minimalist designs that are made with nature escape in mind. Neutral palettes are presented in such staple pieces as button-up knitwear and bell-sleeve sweaters for women and tops in camouflage print and light jackets for men to make fall layering so effortless. Nearly 68% of the collection is sustainably made to connect us to nature through green fashion.

Don’t forget to pack a lightweight hoody that is breathable enough for the day, yet warm enough for when the temperature dips at night. The Alpenglow Pro Hoody by Black Diamond, for instance, offers ultimate sun coverage and water resistance so your mountain missions with even the most unpredictable weather are a breeze.

The quarter zip opening also regulates body temperature during the most vigorous adventures and keeps the neck area warm at night. The concealed chest pocket is yet another thoughtful detail for you to keep your valuables so you can free your hands.

Finish the look with ECCO’s BIOM 2.0 outdoor sneakers, which is crafted with ultra-lightweight yet exceptionally durable DYNEEMA® bonded leather. The interior is lined in super-soft textile for maximum breathability and comfort. Featured with ECCO FLUIDFORMTM Direct Comfort technology and lightweight ECCO PHORENETM midsole which provides super support, shock absorbency and high resistance.

Gear up

Camping gadgets are yet another arena that requires serious attention.

Nothing sets the tone better than a gently lit camping tent with Moji R Plus Lantern. The compact but mighty lantern is perfect as a mood light to get that perfect camping shot for your social feeds. For an all-purpose beam that can be worn on your head, we recommend the Cosmo 350-R headlamp, which fits settings like dimming, strobe, red LED night-vision, and lock mode in one.

For weight-conscious backpackers and hikers, the ultralight Black Diamond Distance Tent is a single-wall two-person tent with integrated trekking poles for fast and easy set-up, to leave you ample time to enjoy the excursions.

After you’re all set with the tent, it’s time to put your outdoor cooking skills to the test with compact yet practical cookware from LOG-ON.

The Dometic Cool-Ice Insulation Box makes a trusty companion to keep your grocery cool overnight with the labyrinth seal design. The Slower BBQ Stove Alta, meanwhile, comes in handy when you want to whip up a quick bite but performs just as well when you have an elaborate meal plan in the wilds, thanks to the built-in charcoal box that improves the combustion efficiency of charcoal fire.


Another handy gadget that you should pack is the Spartan pocket knife by Victorinox. The Swiss-made multifunctional tool is ready to perform any chores from stripping wires to opening cans when you’re deep in the wilderness, so you’re ready for whatever your journey brings. A limited edition of the pocket knife has also been released with the I.N.O.X Professional Diver LE Timepiece as a set, which is inspired by deep diving and shipwreck exploration.

Rise and shine

After a good night’s sleep, wake up to the crisp fall air with a morning hike so you can breathe in the serenity Mother Nature has to offer.

Don’t forget to slather on sunscreen and spray some insect repellent before you begin to hit the trail!

The classic combo from Banana Boat, the Sport Ultra Sunscreen Lotion and Aloe Vera Gel should really be your go-to as you admire that rewarding bird’s eye view after spending some quality time in the lush verdant hill. Don’t forget to also give your a good spritz of the GATSBY Crazy Cool Spray for a cooling sensation you’ll need during your hike.

To prepare for the woods, Skin Technology’s 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent promises to keep away bugs like mosquitos, aedes albopictus, biting midges and more, for up to 8 hours. But if you do need to reapply during your hike, Parakito Mosquito & Tick Protection Spray is a water and sweat resistant formula that can even be put on the face.

Make your way to Harbour City for a fun shopping spree that will get you excited for your next fall camping trip!

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