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An innovative new sensory experience where art, science and nature intersect

Launching this spring, lululemon’s new Take Form Yoga Mat is designed with cutting-edge technology to help improve alignment for a more focused yoga practice.

The Take Form Yoga Mat was created by lululemon’s Accessories Team in partnership with its Whitespace R&D Lab. The innovative design was informed by insights collected through extensive research exploring the challenges yogis of all levels experience around alignment, spatial perception and focus, and the cues they use to navigate their practice.

Applying these insights alongside lululemon’s Science of Feel™ design lens, the Take Form Yoga Mat features 3D zoned cushioning designed to enhance sensory perception with visual and tactile alignment cues.

The 3D water droplet-inspired zones have been mapped out and rigorously tested to guide optimal body positioning across the poses yogis identified as the most difficult to master. The tidal flow-inspired texture and contoured edges offer grip and stability for enhanced performance and functionality. Leveraging lululemon’s proprietary mat construction technology, the Take Form Yoga Mat is built with natural, sustainably sourced FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified rubber material.


lululemon’s Take Form Yoga Mat retails for HK$1,080 and is available online and in lululemon Harbour City store.

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