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From architecture to nature to the glorious past, there are countless realms yet to be explored through the art of jewelry. Thankfully,  a few iconic houses have accepted the challenge this summer and met it with aplomb. We present five new high jewelry collections imagined by the world’s finest and most timeless houses.

Starting from the Sea

We begin our list with the latest offering from Parisian luxury jewelry and watch house Boucheron as realized by Claire Choisne. Whimsically envisioned in concept and deftly executed in its craftsmanship, the 67-piece Contemplation high jewelry collection whisks us away to the heavens with delicate forms and subtle shades of sky blue. Incorporating white gold, rock crystal, diamonds, aquamarines and mother of pearl, the line translates the ungraspable natural allure of the clouds and sky into a soft-spoken array of earrings, necklaces, watches, brooches and a tiara. With an emphasis on weightlessness and airiness, Contemplation captures the eyes as much as the imagination.

Passing the Torch

Celebrating the summer solstice, Buccellati presents a hand-selected High Jewellery collection that draws from its timeless Tulle, Unica and Band Rings collections launched by Gianmaria Buccelatti. With the house’s Creative Director Andrew Buccellati taking the reigns from his father, this new collection pays homage to the iconic patterns of the past, from the intricate lace-like bracelets of Tulle, to the colourful gems of the Italian Renaissance of Unica, and the Rigato engravings of the Band Rings collections.

Looking Back to the Past

BVLGARI fondly recalls the exuberance of the Roman Dolce Vita with new additions to its Serpenti high jewellery collection, presenting a new watch, necklace and earrings. Long considered its spirit animal since the 1960s, the serpent captures the charm, sleekness, mystery and daring of the legendary house. in white gold and pavè diamonds that are beautifully contrasted with deeply-hued emeralds for an irresistible combination of glamour, power and femininity.

Building Skyward

As an infinite source source of inspiration for Chaumet that stretches back some 240 years, architecture takes center stage with its new thematic Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection. The majesty of immaculately designed buildings from various iconic periods is condensed into several new parures, which are themed sets to be worn together. The Skyline parure for one, is an ode to the glass highrises of modernity and features a bold contrast between rich yellow gold and Vivid Green Colombian emeralds in its necklaces, rings, earrings and brooches.

Putting It All Together

Tiffany’s latest Jewel Box Collection 2020 is a stunning entry to close out the season with its blend of art and science that captures nature’s inherent beauty in organic forms and fine details. Revisiting the house’s legacy gemstones, the collection includes 18k gold watches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are fittingly lavished with diamonds, aquamarines, emeralds and tanzanite. Lovers of nature and richly colored gemstones will delight at this latest offering.

As you can see, this season’s entries have taken strong cues from white and yellow gold, whether you prefer bold accents and shapes or subtle organic forms. With so many options, which pieces will you add to your collection?

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