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Fred Perry x Gorillaz The Fred Perry Shirt 2021

15 Apr, 2021

For 2021 Fred Perry works with musical trailblazers, British band Gorillaz. Created by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, the biggest virtual band in the world, frontman 2D, guitarist Noodle, drummer Russel Hobbs and bassist Murdoc Niccals, released their acclaimed eponymous debut album in 2001 and have been cutting a dash for two glorious decades.

The perfect artists to represent the Fred Perry Shirt, Gorillaz share a sense of independent thought and spirit with the British brand, and a need to do things differently.

Designed by triple Wimbledon champion Fred Perry in the 1950s and adopted by generations of subcultures ever since, the Original M12 Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt and Original M3 One- Colour Fred Perry Shirt haven’t changed since they were first designed over 60 years ago. They’re still made on traditional machines in Leicester, England and finished by hand.

A true piece of subcultural uniform, taking the brand from sportswear to streetwear. It’s the shirt you can recognise from across a room, across a dance floor, across a football stadium by the Laurel Wreath proudly embroidered on its chest.

Gorillaz drummer Russel Hobbs said – “My first Fred Perry shirt wasn’t actually mine, it belonged to Arthur Ashe. Like a cross between Barack Obama and Denzel Washington…he was an artist… he had style, he had an afro, he wore a pair of tiny shorts – and, of course, the classic Fred Perry tennis shirt. He even made a record called “How To Play Tennis”, I have that record. I still can’t play tennis. Love that shirt tho, it’s my favourite thing. Forty-Love to y’all…”

For 2021, the campaign features Gorillaz lead vocalist and keyboard player 2D in the M3 One Colour Fred Perry Shirt in all-white. Bass player Murdoc Niccals wears the M12 Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt in Tartan Green / Ice / Red; guitarist Noodle wears the M12 in Brighton / Ice / French Navy; and drummer Russel Hobbs dons the M12 in Maroon / White / Ice.

As we continue to exist in this virtual world, so too do the travelling bandmates of Gorillaz. Keep your eyes peeled for interviews and playlists with each bandmate here:

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