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Furla reinterprets an icon from its 90s archives. A piece which is unique in its expression, unique in its style. Unica Furla Earth Limited Edition is the first bag in biodegradable leather realized in collaboration with Cyclica.

Irina Shayk, the international famous top model and muse of creatives, with a unique style and beauty, interprets this one-of-a-kind design object. The storytelling has been recounted through the lens of photographer Koto Bolofo, which celebrates a contemporary elegance made of colours and craftsmanship.

The bag finds inspiration in historical women in cinema, cult movies, and tv series from the end of the millennium. Unica Furla Earth Limited Edition clears the unnecessary, by honoring what is essential as a diversifying element of that decade, as well as, experimenting with sustainable production processes, and by applying new leather manufacturing techniques.

Thanks to Oleum®, the brand which identifies the biodegradable leather line produced by Cyclica, the Unica Furla bags follow a circular model for their production. The leathers, which are meant to become Oleum® originate from traceable European farms, which are by-products of the food industry and are vegetable tanned with wastewater from oil production, thus avoiding the direct use of aldehydes and glyphosate. The leather results in being metal-free and environmentally non-toxic. Dyeing from organic derivation originates from components such as corn, spirulina, logwood bark, and fern which are at the core of the preparation process which is free from synthetic agents and heavy metals. Performances that are comparable to those achieved through traditional manufacturing are conferred to the products by natural elements such as beeswax or specific salts used for the finishings.

Unica Furla Earth Limited Edition retains Furla architectonic DNA: a maxi or medium-sized crossbody bag with a sculptural profile that is softened by soft curves with extremely well-finished details, such as the metallic turn-lock closure with the stylized arch logo and the Furla macro lettering impressed on the external bottom. Colours are made organically, ranging from melanzana (purple) to albizia (pink), from fiordaliso (azure) to felce (green) in addition to black and white.

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