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Gallery by the Harbour proudly presents “Water and Earth” Photo Exhibition by Tugo Cheng

20 Feb, 2020

Gallery by the Harbour is proud to present “Water and Earth”, a solo exhibition of the award-winning fine art photographer Tugo Cheng in Hong Kong, at Gallery by the Harbour from February now to 22 March, 2020. 4 years since his last show “Discovering China” at the Gallery, Cheng will showcase striking pictures from his new series of Chinese vernacular landscape which captured the rhythm and beauty in the water and earth transformed by people from new perspectives.


From mountainous Tibetan inland to coastal fishing village in the Southeast, people have reshaped nature for food and created unintentional landscapes of culture and tradition. With his camera and drone, Cheng travelled all around to witness these stories of lives in different parts of the continent and took pictures of vernacular wonders of tea and rice terraces, puzzles of salt fields and the like. The selection of images reveals the picturesque sceneries behind what we consume day-to-day, such as rice, tea, wheat, fish, oil and salt.

As a fine art photographer with an architect’s vision, Cheng is always in search of order and rhythm in everything. His works are celebrated for their unconventional geometries and patterns that are reminiscent of ink paintings as described by The Guardian, and also the affluent colours and textures that illuminate the most surreal terrains on earth.

Tea, Zhejiang
Fish, Fujian
Rice, Guangxi

“Water and Earth” Photo Exhibition by Tugo Cheng
Date: 20 February to 22 March, 2020
Time: 11am – 10pm
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour