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Green Common welcomes the new year with the new plant-based menu

06 Feb, 2023

To begin the new year with new plans and new visions! Green Common presents the brand-new series of plant-based delicacies to welcome the new year. The new menu is infused with popular authentic local flavours with healthy, delicious, and cruelty-free vegan dishes. In response to the global Veganuary movement.

The new menu is available at Green Common, with a variety of revolutionary plant-based ingredients such as OMNI Mince, OMNI Luncheon, OMNI Golden Fillet and Unlimeat, containing zero cholesterol, free of artificial colouring and MSG, rich in nutrition and also cruelty free. The newly launch Asparagus Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce is one of the must order on the menu, the homemade Pesto sauce gives a refreshing touch to this simple pasta dish, the Green Common diners’ favourite Truffle & Friends is now back on the menu, together with Baked Golden Fillet Spaghetti/Rice and Stir-fried Beef Spaghetti are all mouth-watering main courses. Freshly oven-baked Hawaiian Pizza and Seafood Pizza with rich toppings are not to be missed. Looking for local Cha Chaan Tang flavours? Hong Kong Style Satay Beef Hot Dog and OMNI Dumplings in Chili Oil will surely satisfy your appetite.

Truffle & Friends

Welcome back for the long-waited dishes, Spaghetti with truffle sauce and assorted dried mushrooms with flavours enhanced by the oat milk sauce, Buddhist friendly option is available.

OMNI Dumplings in Chili Oil (8 pcs)

OMNI Mince celery dumplings with a hint of spicy Sichuan peppercorns and black vinegar that you cannot resist.

Hong Kong Style Satay Beef Hot Dog

Satay beef is one of the famous delicacies at Cha Chaan Tang. Plant-based Korean Unlimeat beef is very tender, and comes with an intense flavour of satay, it is definitely a perfect match with hotdog!

Fish & Chips

The crispy yet tender OMNI Golden Fish Fillet with fries is the best pick for a relaxing afternoon.

Happy Nugget (5 pcs)

The finger licking good Vegan chicken nuggets from The Alpha Foods is made of non-genetically modified materials, rich in plant protein, with crunchy golden skin and juicy inside, accompanied by vegan BBQ sauce or vegan mustard sauce to enhance the flavour.

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