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Jiang Nan by Crystal Jade
with Brand New Chinese Cuisine Dining Concept

07 Dec, 2023

JIANG NAN by CRYSTAL JADE is an upscale Chinese restaurant, located in the Harbour City at Tsim Sha Tsui, and operated by Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding Pte Limited. Serving authentic Chinese fare as its foundation, harmoniously intertwining with the essence and sensibilities of gastronomic treasures from around the world and their respective food cultures through modern and innovative interpretations.

We emphasize careful ingredient selection, by way of finding the perfect food pairings to enhance and interpret the original flavors of the ingredients. We serve authentic flavors with heart and sincerity, and we are committed to pushing the boundaries with our taste palette. Embark on a culinary journey with JIANG NAN BY CRYSTAL JADE, discover unique flavors, and indulge in a feast.


Injecting Innovation & Worldwide Culinary Characteristics into Chinese Cuisine

Leveraging the splendor of Western and Southeast Asian ingredients and spices with Chinese cooking techniques, the restaurant offers a new dining concept with unique combinations of food. For example, one of the Xiao Long Bao flavors is a mixture of Thai hot and sour soup, Tom Yum Goong, which is a signature Thai flavor. Additionally, the chefs use the aromatic herb Thai Basil, commonly found in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, to add a tangy Southeast Asian taste to traditional Chinese dishes.

Furthermore, the chefs boldly incorporate Western ingredients such as black truffle, morel, and spinach, as well as commonly used ingredients in Japanese cuisine such as sea urchin and eel. This culinary approach allows for the creation of a variety of exquisite dishes, including “Chilled Eggplant with Sea Urchin,” “Black Truffle and Scallop Dumpling,” “Sautéed Morel with Celtuce Stem,” and “Steamed Eel Prepared Traditionally,” among others.

Upholding the Company’s Brand Mission, ‘We present the classic flavors of Chinese cuisine, Jiangnan.’

Spreading the word about Chinese cuisine and culture has always been Crystal Jade Group’s primary mission. The restaurant also showcases the classic flavors of Jiangnan delicacies. In addition to the popular Dan Dan Noodles, one of the highly recommended dishes is the ‘Rice in Fish Soup with Sliced Fish & Vegetables’. This dish combines the natural flavors of simple ingredients such as fish, rice, Chinese mushrooms, and vegetables in a rich, sweet, and milky fish broth. It truly represents the natural flavors of Jiangnan that you must experience at Jiang Nan by Crystal Jade.


Steamed Xiao Long Bao with 3 Flavors – Each color represents a unique flavor – Black Truffle with Scallop (Purple), Tom Yum Soup (Red) & Shrimp (Yellow).

Steamed Giant Crab Meat Soup Dumpling – Giant soup dumpling, filled with a mixture of crab meat, dried scallop, and pork. The dumpling wrapper is tender and thin, while the soup inside features a savory clear broth.

Jinhua Ham Served with Crispy Beancurd Sheet & Chinese Bun with Osmanthus Honey – Finely selected Chinese Jinhua ham, served with crispy fried beancurd & crunchy cucumber slice, altogether wrapped in steamed bun with honey drizzled on top. That salty and sweet, crunchy, and soft, all in one perfect bite.

Braised Spare Rib in Black Vinegar Sauce – The tangy taste of bite-sized spare rib comes from the black vinegar, a perfect sweet & sour balance. Sprinkling a little osmanthus flower on top, a refreshing wake up for the taste buds.

Stir-Fried Glutinous Rice with Crab – Sticky rice served with a whole crab. The combination of authentic tastes is to please the palate.

Crystal Jade Signature Dan Dan La Mian – The hand pulled La Mian served in a spicy rich soup and pork broth that blended with our signature sesame peanut sauce, chili oil & vinegar.

Baked Fresh Lily Bulb – Putting dried onion and garlic at the bottom with fresh lily bulb on top, the unique fragrance of the lily bulb fills the air, sweet and sticky with a strong aroma of green onion.

Seared Scallop in Spinach Puree with Vince Tofu – Vince Tofu, a classic dish from Yangzhou in the Jiangnan region. By leveraging Western cooking techniques to sear the scallop and using spinach paste and Vince Tofu as a base, it resembles a beautiful lakeside view.

Braised Pork Belly Served with Vegetable – Slowly stewing the pork belly on low heat with various seasonings & Shaoxing wine that infuse the pork with a subtle wine aroma. It tastes oily rather than greasy, which is a classic Hangzhou dish.

Sautéed Morel with Celtuce Stem – Using two healthy ingredients with simple cooking way to derive its amazing health benefits. It tastes fresh and tender.

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