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COVA’s New Caramel Temptation Cake

16 Feb, 2023

With over two centuries of pastry excellence, Milan’s beloved premium confectionery destination COVA, is set to launch new Caramel Temptation cake that will surprise all taste buds, adding another masterpiece to the miscellaneous cake collection. Meticulously designed and handcrafted by COVA’s Master Pastry Chefs, the new cake combines creativity and elegance with Italian essence that brings out the most extravagant caramel flavour to all dessert lovers.


The delicate and enticing Caramel Temptation cake features many surprises in dessert form. Carefully prepared homemade sea salt caramel toffee and mango passion fruit jelly is sandwiched between layers of delicate chocolate mousse and fluffy sponge cake, offering a perfect blend of sweet and savoury with a hint of zesty acidity taste to tickle your taste buds. The surface is glazed with a glossy layer of caramel chocolate sauce and surrounded by finely chopped hazelnut that adds excellent contrast and complexity to the cake. The top is embellished with triangular chocolate slices in different sizes to create a luscious and elegant look, as if savouring an edible art.


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