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Much loved by its Korean fans, Terrace in seaside has opened its first-ever Hong Kong venture in Harbour City! Terrace in seaside first established in Seoul, Korea and now stands as one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Staying true to its flagship outlet in Korea, the Hong Kong venue goes for a natural wooden interior decor with white and gray accents as well as foliage throughout the space. Walk through the hagyul tree and make your way through the urban oasis of Terrace in seaside. The signature hagyul – or summer tangerine – can also be spotted on the menu to complete the soothing design palette. As the sunshine streams in, the entire premise is reminiscent of a seaside vacation in Jeju, inviting diners to slow down their pace as they indulge in the food served up by the restaurant.

Delicate fruit sandwiches and classic desserts

One of the best-sellers on the menu, the Mixed Fruit Sandwich featuring seasonal fruits and silky-smooth cream is definitely one of the most popular items among the Korean diners. Seasonal fruits are sandwiched between two fluffy slices of white bread, with a hearty helping of whipped cream. Packed with volume, the colorful, juicy bites are as delectable as they are pretty in pictures. The fillings vary from grapes, bananas, kiwi fruits, strawberries to mangoes and more, depending on what fruits are in season, so you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised with new combos!

Other classic desserts available include Tiramisu and Strawberry Tiramisu. The bold flavors of fragrant coffee sits perfectly well with the smooth, cloud-like sensation. With the addition of tangy-sweet fresh strawberries, the decadent dessert adds a dreamy ending note to any meal.

Signature dishes you wouldn’t want to miss

Capturing the true essence of Terrace in seaside, the chef’s recommendation is the signature Korean Spicy Sea Snails with Rice. Fresh snails and squid are first tossed in the house sauce before they are pan-fried to the most appetizing golden hue. Assorted veggies and a heaping scoop of Korean shrimp roe join in for an exciting medley of flavors.

The Hong Kong store also serves up a variety of omurice. One of the must-try omelette rice dishes is the Omurice with Beef Rib Stew. The premium ribs flown in from Korea are braised in the homemade stock for hours to soak in all the flavors. The rich flavor profiles burst as one slices open the perfectly cooked omelette and watch how it slowly blankets the entire plate. The kick from the kimchi and the sweet, tender beef ribs flawlessly melds together by the soft consistency of the eggs.

Artisan coffee and specialty drinks on offer

Coffee is held in such high regard in Korea, so it would only make perfect sense that it lies in the core of Terrace in seaside too. The artisan coffee on offer, such as Long Black, Mocha, Caffe Latte, and Tangerine Espresso Tonic are all curated with coffee beans flown in from Korea, where they are roasted. The must-try Tangerine Espresso Tonic is a refreshing take combining the slight bitterness of tonic water with an extra layer of citrus zest from the tangerine for an enriched experience.

Other specialty drinks include the Tangerine Yogurt Drink and Pineapple Smoothie – two exotic drinks that are simply hard to resist. The Tangerine Yogurt Drink is a light beverage that comprises fresh tangerine puree and creamy yogurt while the Pineapple Smoothie is a refreshing tropical blend. Other thirst-quenching beverages include Apple Tea and Yuzu Tea – two equally invigorating options to make your day!

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