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The first Kowloon branch of the renowned Japanese centennial store Yamamotoya has opened at Harbour City

30 Nov, 2023

Yamamotoya, a household name in Nagoya, founded in 1925. Yamamotoya is led by the fifth-generation successors, Aoki Hironopi and Aoki Kosuke. The restaurant specializes in freshly made handmade udon noodles, and the fifth-generation successor, Aoki Kosuke, will personally oversee the operations. With its unique miso-based broth, it is committed to creating the most authentic Nagoya flavors in Hong Kong.

To cater to a wider range of palates, the restaurant has introduced three new branch-exclusive dishes. The first is the Shrimp Cutlet . Mentaiko Creamy Flat Udon, combining smooth cream with sweet sakura shrimp, served with handmade flat udon noodles. Unlike traditional udon, the flat udon has a larger width, providing a chewier and more textured experience. Additionally, the larger surface area of the udon allows for better absorption of the soup, making it even more appetizing. In addition, the restaurant also offers a new dish called Cold Flat Udon, including options such as Sliced U.S Angus Beef Flat Udon, Cold / Hot and Agu Pork Flat Udon, Cold / Hot. The cold flat udon has a chewy and delicious texture, catering to the diverse taste preferences of diners.

Another dish is the Fried Chicken Wings . Black Sesame & Chili Pepper, using tender hormone-free chicken wings. After deep-frying at high temperature, the wings become crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. With the addition of Yamamotoya’s unique sesame and chili spices, the black and red wings are stacked together, creating a visually striking contrast.

Lastly, there is the Teriyaki Pork . Red Miso, where hormone-free pork loin is thickly sliced into the shape of a baseball glove, resulting in a thick and tender texture. The chef marinates the pork in a slightly acidic Amazake red miso sauce, making it even more appetizing. Guests can enjoy it with purple cabbage, cabbage, and cherry tomatoes, creating a fresh and satisfying layering of flavors that instantly invigorates the senses.


The interior of the restaurant is designed with a Japanese courtyard ambiance, featuring a simple yet elegant layout. The walls showcase a historically significant painting, recreating the vibrant atmosphere of Yamamotoya’s first store opening in Nagoya nearly a century ago. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 84, offering a spacious and comfortable environment for diners to enjoy their meals. Near the windows are seats with a view of the sea, allowing guests to savor the fragrant and chewy udon while admiring the magnificent Victoria Harbour scenery. The overall dining experience will undoubtedly elevate the flavors to new heights.

The new branch simultaneously offers handcrafted udon and handcrafted flat udon, allowing diners to choose the texture that best suits their preference. Additionally, Yamamotoya directly puts the fresh udon into the restaurant’s original Iga-yaki clay pot for stewing. This method, compared to the usual practice of cooking udon separately and then adding it to the broth, allows the udon to absorb the flavors of the broth, resulting in a delightful combination of smooth noodles and savory broth that tantalize the taste buds. Furthermore, the restaurant has specially adjusted the recipe for its signature miso broth by reducing the miso concentration by 20%. This ensures that the dish maintains its traditional flavor while catering to the taste preferences of Hong Kong diners.

Since its opening in Hong Kong, Yamamotoya has been attracting a continuous stream of diners with its use of top-quality ingredients. The spirit and dedication of Japanese craftsmen are the key factors that maintain the restaurant’s standards. Now, come to Yamamotoya and embark on an authentic gourmet journey, experiencing the excellence of centennial craftsmanship firsthand.  

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