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The first ever art collaboration of Garfield x Plastic Thing : “GARFATTY BELLY LAUGHS” and let’s make wishes in “Garfield New Year Blessing Garden”
Garfield arrives at Harbour City to celebrate the Year of the Tiger with us! From 20 January to 15 February 2022, Gallery by the Harbour presents Garfield x Plastic Thing “GARFATTY BELLY LAUGHS” Art Collaboration, laughing at the interesting daily life of Garfield and Fatty, who both love to eat, sleep, play and have big bellies. Apart from walking into their creative and happy world, the fans of Garfield and Fatty can also purchase a series of limited-edition artworks and premiums for “New Year Lucky Gift”. We can make wishes at “Garfield New Year Blessing Garden” at Atrium of Ocean Terminal, ask for fortune in the coming year and pray for good luck under the Wishing Trees. In addition, we can take photos with Daruma Garfield and Tiger Garfield, to celebrate the Happy Fatty New Year


Garfield x Plastic Thing “GARFATTY BELLY LAUGHS” Art Collaboration

Whateversmiles is an online art and handicraft platform that provides opportunities for artists and designers to develop new art and products with recognised intellectual properties. The platform is celebrating its 1st anniversary and hosts Garfield x Plastic Thing “GARFATTY BELLY LAUGHS”  as the finale of the brand’s celebration campaigns at Gallery by the Harbour. This unprecedented line-up is the first ever art collaboration of Garfield and Plastic Thing, which will launch a series of limited-edition artworks and premiums for “New Year Lucky Gift”. The collaboration is about a girl and a cat. They come from two different worlds – Nickelodeon’s Garfield and Fatty, the little girl character created by Plastic Thing founder- Miss Yan Ip. Yet they have the same approach to life: they love to eat, sleep, and play, and they both have big bellies too! And now with this mashup, let’s see what interesting things can happen! No matter how different they are, what remains the same from beginning to end is that they both want to bring joy to everyone. The art collaboration showcases 4 collections, which is simple and pure. We hope everyone will be happy to see them. The art collaboration is the first start between Ip Yan and Whateversmiles, there will be more to come in 2022. Stay tuned!


A 40+ year-old global classic x Hong Kong up-and-coming illustrator = HUGE chemistry

Since it was first published in 1978, Garfield has garnered 40+ years of history and countless fans around the world. It has become an important companion throughout their growth, and a character that has appeared in comics, cartoons, and films that are much loved by both children and adults.  On the other hand, Ip Yan started Plastic Thing in 2013, and since then the platform has always been wildly popular on social media and shared virally online. From its illustrations in the early days, to the animation videos developed in later stages, the works have always had huge numbers of views. This collaboration between Ip and Garfield goes back to the basics: interacting with the public with illustrations as a medium. Ip often uses illustrations to illustrate her daily observations, this collaboration is no exception to showcasing local humour and style. Together with Garfield’s characteristics, this collaboration catalyzes new chemistry, inviting all to visit again and again.

Garfield x Plastic Thing “GARFATTY BELLY LAUGHS”

Depicts the littlest things between human-cat interactions, with reference to the details in the classic comic Garfield. Customers may enjoy Ip’s iconic, gaze-stealing colour prints and hand-painted works.  Moreover, multiple “bomber” pieces will be presented in “frame-squishing” special treatment for extra wit. There will also be various types of limited edition collaboration merchandises available for pre-order: “GARFATTY BELLY LAUGHS” Garfatty Figure, Garfield x Fatty Stuff Doll (80cm-tall) , Fatty x Puffy Stuff Doll  etc. All limited edition merchandises mentioned above are available for in-store priority pre-order starting from 20th January, or online pre-order at Whateversmiles’ official website in February.  Surely we can expect a wave of shopping spree.

Garfield x Plastic Thing WhatsApp Stickers pack

On the other hand, Plastic Thing founder Miss Yan Ip has specially created Garfield x Plastic Thing WhatsApp Stickers. The 12 stickers feature not only daily dialogues, but also various Chinese New Year Blessing of Garfield & Fatty. You can use the stickers during Chinese New Year to make fun conversation with your family and friends in daily life.

“Garfield New Year Blessing Garden”

Harbour City has transformed atrium on G/F of Ocean Terminal to the  “Garfield New Year Blessing Garden” , where a 1.5m high Tiger Garfield and 1.6m high Odie greet everyone in the garden. You can ask for fortune in various aspects like academic, health, friendship, pet, family and love, etc. at the Chinese Candy Box shaped Lucky Wheel. In addition, you can receive a set of the wishing card plus Garfield Good Luck accessory upon donation of HK$30 and limited “Tiger” edition of Garfield T-shirt upon donation of HK$120.

There are 5 different characters of Garfield Good Luck accessory, including Garfield, Odie, Nermal, Arlene and Pooky. Customers can choose one Garfield Good Luck accessory and one wishing card with designated blessing at their own choice upon donation. Take the accessory home for good luck, prosperity and success in the Year of the Tiger, and hang the selected wishing card on the Wishing Trees. What’s more, don’t forget to make your own wish in front of  Daruma Garfield by putting coins into the “Giving Box”. All donations and coins will be donated to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong).  


Details of Happy Fatty New Year @Harbour City


  Garfield x Plastic Thing


Garfield New Year Blessing Garden”
Date 20th January to 15 February 2022
Venue Gallery by the Harbour

(Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre)


G/F, Ocean Terminal