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Gift exchange makes one of the most joyful moments at any Christmas party. Whether you’re on a hunt to get your bestie the most thoughtful gadget ever, a gift that stands out at a white elephant party, or a snuggle buddy for your fur baby, Harbour City is the one-stop hub that you can shop for almost everyone, as you battle it out with your friends to present the most unique gift.

Sweeten the deal

Sometimes you just have no clue who will walk away with your gift. While it may be tricky to find something that appeals to different personalities in your group, you can’t go wrong with a candy set or two.

Tempt your friend to whip up a piping hot mocha with the Chocolate Spoon with Holidays Mug Set by Ralph’s Coffee, which pairs so nicely with Tea WG’s Noel! Noel! Tea Macarons – all filled with tea-infused apricot ganache and the shells sprinkled with gold feuilletine bits. Sugarfina’s Letters for Santa 2 Piece Mailbox also comes with Santa’s Cookies and Reindeer Marshmallow Puffs as you enjoy the holidays with your little elves.

Glisten and glow

For that friend who could use a night light to feel cozy and snug, or your little one who can’t part ways with a midnight potty break night light, LCX is where you can find tons of options to choose from. In the forms of a toaster, a duckie, and beyond, many of the dimmable night lights come with integrated auto-sleep time and are USB powered, so they can be plugged in almost anywhere around the house.

Surprise the four-legged friends

For the proud pet parents out there, there’s no such thing as having too many toys for their fur baby. The Dog’s Garden at LCX houses a selection of squeaky toys that are all dressed in their festive costume, like Santa Gingerbread Man and Christmas Reindeer. Throw in a pack of Signature Dried Treats also, to make you their favorite human friend ever.

Dress-up time

It’s amazing how quickly a little one can outgrow their clothes. So if you happen to be shopping for someone with kids, an adorable children’s outfit is almost always a hit.

Nanos, BalaBala and Hanna Scallop have in store their latest Christmas Collections which include cute Christmas sweaters, classic plaid dresses, preppy jackets, comfy joggers, and more. Even if you’re shopping for a parent who has just welcomed a new bundle of joy, baby gear and toys can win their hearts, too.

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