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Enjoying a freshly baked croissant not only satisfies your taste buds, but also makes your heart smile! With numerous popular cafes and confectioneries offering various flavours of croissant at Harbour City, we will launch “Croissant Happiness” promotional campaign in November to bring joy to everyone!

Harbour City X Tatsuya Tanaka Limited Edition Umbrella for Adults & Kids

After successfully hosting Hong Kong’s first solo exhibition of famous Japanese miniature artist and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka at Harbour City in 2018, Harbour City once again collaborates with Tanaka-san this year to introduce a limited-edition umbrella for the first time in two sizes for both adults and kids.

A new edition of his signature work, “Croissant Cloud” is adapted on the umbrella featuring 30 pieces of croissant transformed into fluffy clouds floating in the blue sky. Mini-characters including Tanaka-san himself are playing on the clouds creating a delightful, lighthearted scene. Under rain or sunshine, everyone can savour the scent of “Croissant Cloud” and share the sweet pastry vibes when carrying the umbrella. The amusement is further extended to the umbrella packaging which resembles the paper bags used to wrap French baguettes. You’ll be on cloud nine when bringing the baguette home!

More Croissant-themed activities are coming soon!

Harbour City launches a series of Croissant-themed activities during the campaign period to further spread happiness!

1.A Croissant A Day: From now on to 30 November, purchase Croissant either dine-in or take away in any F&B outlets of Harbour City and share the croissant photo taken at the outlet or anywhere within the mall with harbour view on social media, participants of “the Most Delicious” photo will have a chance to receive the Harbour City X Tatsuya Tanaka Limited Edition Umbrella (Quota: 50 pax). Details please click here .

2.Hidden photo spots: 4 Croissant-themed photo spots will be installed in Harbour City. Visitors are welcome to hunt for happiness and share with friends and family!

3.Croissant Charity Day: On 5 Nov 2021 (Friday), Harbour City joins hands with Early Psychosis Foundation to launch “Croissant Charity Day”. Purchase any croissants in the  participating restaurants or cafes – Cupping Room Coffee Roasters, Da Filippo Trattoria and Espresso Alchemy and all proceeds from the croissant sales will be donated to support local promotions on high-quality early psychosis intervention services, professional training, and public awareness programs.

Da Filippo Trattoria
Cupping Room Coffee Roasters
Espresso Alchemy

4.”TARZANCOOKS” Croissant Making Demonstration & Learning Class for Family:

Harbour City invited the YouTube, TV and radio host Tarzan to hold “TARZANCOOKS” Croissant Making Demonstration and Learning Class for Family, sharing the tips of making delicious croissants.

If you want to try making croissants at home, Tarzan Cooks on YouTube shows you how. Get the ingredients at city‘super, bake along with Tarzan and soon you’ll be a croissant connoisseur in no time!

5. Harbour city x Tatsuya Tanaka Limited Edition IG filters: Harbour City joins hands with Tatsuya Tanaka to create two limited edition filters for Instagram Stories, with both raindrop and snowflake versions. So switch on your IG camera and capture the fun floating Croissant Clouds over the sky now and share these pastry vibes with your friends and families.

Download now:

Raindrops version

Snowflake version

Tatsuya Tanaka can make something special out of even the rainiest of days by creating daily miniature, which delivers a positive attitude. Let’s check out a variety of “rain” themed artwork inspired by daily goodies like rice, flowers, and paper shredders. Redeem the Harbour City X Tatsuya Tanaka Limited Edition Umbrella, bring the happiness rainy day to everyone. 

About Tatsuya Tanaka

Tatsuya Tanaka is a Miniature artist and photographer, he was born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1981. Inspired by the term “mitate”, or to “see anew”, Tanaka-san allows us to see common things in a new perspective and always makes our heart smile. He creates a unique miniature world with different perspective and posts his artworks and photos on his social media platforms every day since 2011. He has been interviewed by various media in Japan and other countries and his Instagram (@tanaka_tatsuya) has over 3.3 million fans now.

Tanaka-san began participating in art exhibitions and collaborating with different parties in 2013; and hosts his solo art and roving exhibitions in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong since 2015. He has also launched his own premium and collected works including  “MINIATURE LIFE”, “MINIATURE LIFE at HOME” , “MINIATURE TRIP IN JAPAN” and“Small Wonders”.