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MEMO like memory. Like souvenir. Like sillage.

MEMO PARIS, the Parisian luxury fragrance house, has made its Hong Kogn debut at Harbour City recently. Imagining perfume as a journey and inventing the map of a sensitive world rich in emotion, MEMO cultivates an atmosphere of train travelling, full of embossed leather luggage cases, inviting you to discover different destinations.

With its name taken from Memory, MEMO aims to awaken people’s great memories and emotions from past journeys, and their desires for travels to far-off places and encounters, which are the very reflection of the founding couples — Clara the Parisian-Catalan poet, John the sporty Irish globetrotter. “The journey is the destination” is MEMO’s motto. It redraws the map of a sensitive world rich in emotions, by creating a unique olfactory world map. The bottle is the destination, while the fragrance is the scent of it. Each fragrance is here to evoke the olfactory memories of the travellers, bringing them to relive the good old days.

MEMO committed to surrounding itself with artists, photographers and authors in order to deploy even more imagination around a destination. From this perspective, the publication of illustrated books and postcards dedicated to a particular fragrance was conceived. In addition, an eco-friendly gift wrapping with Furoshiki is offered at the store.

If you wish to wear your favourite scent of MEMO all the time, don’t forget to pick and pair it up with one of these delicately designed travel cases. Besides the fragrance collections, MEMO also carries body, hair and hand care lines, letting you radiate elegance from head to toe.

Featuring some of the key notes of MEMO fragrances, the collection of delicately scented candles is presented in a tea service made with white Bone china porcelain, hand gold-gilded and made in France. With its cups, egg cups sets, mugs and teapot, decorated with motifs reminiscent of MEMO’s destinations, the collection transports you to the world of Alice in Wonderland. Once consumed, they metamorphose to give you a real tea service.

The new store showcases BOÎTE A MUSIQUE EAU DE MEMO, a music box cloaked in embossed beige leather commemorating the 10th anniversary of MEMO. It houses a bottle of Eau de Memo alongside singing automated birds. Manufactured by Reuge, the Swiss watchmaking specialist, and handmade by Swiss watches craftsmen, this music box is a genuine treasure chest.

Whether you are longing for a unique scent or the excitement of travelling, MEMO PARIS is surely the destination you can’t wait to discover this season.

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