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Complete your gastronomic journey around Harbour City with pictures that are going to leave your friends wondering if you’re still in town. This week, we’ve curated a list that is going to take your social media feeds to the next level.

Soak In The Rays

As you stare into the clear skyline, let the calm waters by the harbourfront transport you instantly to the most relaxing cruise trip.

The airy openness of Cupping Room Coffee Roasters works perfectly well with the polished wood window frames. Facing the unobstructed ocean views, the sleek cream white chairs echoing the nautical vibe beckon you to come and lounge, while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee or a quick bite between meals.

Cupping Room Coffee Roasters
Cupping Room Coffee Roasters

Set against the elegant green and pale pink interiors lined with rows of plants, the rattan hanging swing chair just screams the hippest hangout spots in Thailand. Lady Nara is not only where you can relish the Thai comfort food you totally miss, the establishment’s natural-light filled space reminds one of Bangkok’s exotic vibe. Not to mention, the vibrant botanical corner would make such an Instagram-worthy picture!

Outskirts Of Town, Minus The Hassle

The Coffee Academics’s expansive 1,200 sq. ft. establishment converges the latest cafe, restaurant and retail store, all in one. The outdoor terrace is inspired by a glamper’s campground and lends a contemplative quality that permeates throughout the entire space, creating an urban oasis that slows down the hectic pace of your daily grinds.

Follow the wafting aroma of coffee and you’ll find yourself at Espresso Alchemy. The softly-lit roastery soothes your soul. Framed by the wooden arches, the upholstered couch against the black terrazzo and textured mosaics creates a chic vintage backdrop reminiscent of a 60’s diner booth. Throwback Thursday, anyone?

Foodies’ Playground

If your favorite pastime consists of whipping up a signature dish or two, chances are, grocery shopping excites you just as much. SAKImoto Bakery and Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel both remind us so fondly of a fully-stocked upscale supermarket.

The concrete wall at the entrance of SAKImoto Bakery is both modern and inviting. Decked out in wooden fixtures with a slight industrial vibe, the shokupan (Japanese milk bread) are elegantly lined alongside jars of artisanal handcrafted jams. Remember to share your best-kept secret recipe for an amazing French toast with your pictures taken around the store!

Your urge to fill up your basket is not going to subside just yet. Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel is where you’ll be surrounded by fixtures of milk bottles, egg cartons, and flour. If the pastel-tone grocery aisle unleashes your inner baker, more inspirations can be found through a coconut and passion fruit cake, in disguise of the local breakfast staple of pineapple bun, among other desserts and pastries that are as picture-worthy as the decor.

Tranquilizing Cultural Sojourns

Grounded jet-setters, these are for you.

Robatayaki restaurant Shiawase, on the other hand, pays homage to the cultural relics of Japan and draws inspiration from traditional shrines. Breathe in the tranquility as you walk through the torii gates. As the sun begins to set, capture the most mesmerizing orange hue that streams in.

Walk through the bamboo pathway and enter the zen-filled garden of Hiyama. Inspired by the traditional backyard of a secluded Japanese mansion, the calming greenery emanating serenity is a picturesque focal point where you’ll want to snap away before your sukiyaki feast in one of the chilling pavilions by the window.

The old town vibe of Quan Alley almost takes us to a movie setting. Push open the century-old wooden doors, which were shipped in one piece directly from Taiwan, and you’re led into a rustic space filled with antiques and plaques on display – all of which are from the collection of Quan Alley’s founder Mr. Tai. Hand-painted touches such as Chinese peony and wading birds further add to the idyllic charm and to inspire your best shot.

Each of these restaurants, all housed under one roof at Harbour City, recreates our favorite destinations, while serving up delectable cuisines, to suit both city dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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