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Today marks the official launch of TAKAMI, the popular and professional skincare brand from Japan, in Hong Kong. TAKAMI has opened its first counter at FACESSS, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, introducing its exclusive 25-year research on Kakushitsu Dou (stratum corneum) to help customers address various skin concerns from the root. The counter showcases the brand’s iconic TAKAMI Blue, representing the three brand spirits of CLINICAL, MINIMAL, and LOYAL. The TAKAMI counter also features a BLUE CLINIC, comparable to the founder Dr. Hiroshi Takami’s one in Tokyo. Guests can receive one-on-one skin consultations, and learn professional care techniques for Kakushitsu Dou.

Customers are invited to REGISTER HERE for free skin consultation and receive a complimentary sample of the signature blue bottle Skinpeel Essence after completion, and improve you skin issues using the “Step 0” approach after cleansing.
Date : From now until 31 May 2024
Time : 12pm – 8pm
Location : TAKAMI Counter, Facesss, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City
Enquires : 3612 4500
*Limited quantity while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Distinguished from traditional medical skincare brands, TAKAMI emphasizes the true essence of skincare in nurturing the delicate 0.02mm Kakushitsu to regulate skin metabolism and achieve a natural skin rejuvenation, thus subverting the conventional perception of skincare. Dr. Hiroshi Takami, firmly believes that maintain the health of Kakushitsu is crucial. Therefore, he aims to accompany customers throughout their skincare journey by developing a series of products and unique skincare treatment dedicated to nurturing the Kakushitsu, utilizing his accumulated diagnostic experience over the years.

Among TAKAMI’s products, the most well-known is undoubtedly the “Skinpeel Essence”, featuring its signature blue bottle with a simple and professional design. This essence has significant rankings and has become the No.1* skincare product with over ten million sales in Japan. The Skinpeel Essence helps activate and regulate our Kakushitsu and skin metabolism. The brand encourages using the “Step 0” approach, applying the essence after cleansing as a pre-skincare ritual, thereby improving skin issues such as roughness, redness, acne, and dull complexion, and ultimately creating a radiant and smooth skin texture from within.

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