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Inspired by Bali and its time-honored jewelry-making traditions, Canadian artist John Hardy established an artisan collective in 1975, dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind jewelry and preserving the rich heritage of Bali. For over 40 years, our artisans have committed to making handcrafted jewelry with techniques passed down for generations, using vetted suppliers to ensure both diamonds and gemstones conform to our high ethical standards, as well as reclaimed silver and gold. Our passion for creating distinctive and meaningful jewelry is echoed by our dedication to building a sustainable future for our artisans and clients worldwide. What’s more, John Hardy tells our story with layers of chain

A symbolic expression of connection honoring the Balinese tradition of handweaving, Classic Chain embodies John Hardy’s heritage of community. Each Classic Chain, and its evolved links, expresses the unique hand of a single artisan from start to finish. The more intricate the design, the more time and consideration it takes to craft. So each stack you create, mixing and matching links for texture, metals for variation, and gemstones for pop of glimmer, is as thoughtful as it is symbolic.

Arm yourself with bold variations of the Classic Chain collection through curating a stack full of depth and dimension with each link.

Classic Chain – The Icon

Soft and sinuous against the skin, Classic Chain effortlessly reflects the shape of the body. From delicate to bold, the sleek and timeless chain is offered in a variety of gauges to wear on its own or as the foundation to any stack.

Asli – Origin in Balinese

Carved from the meandering motif of Classic Chain, a singular link is sculpted into its own. Whether in the form of a decorative station or a functional clasp, the Asli link adds a burst of sculptural contrast.

Tiga – Three in Balinese

A pyramidal weave, referencing the harmony of self, soul and nature, adds an element of height.

Curves of Tiga catch the light, highlighting the meticulous work of John Hardy’s most talented artisans that have woven each inch by hand in Bali.

Kami – “We/Our/Us” in Balinese

Handwoven with all in mind, Kami amplifies the transcendent power of human connection through exaggerated links. Available in two statement sized gauges for the ultimate, gender-neutral impact.

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