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KILIAN PARIS Releases Thrilling New Fragrance “A Kiss from a Rose”

03 May, 2021

KILIAN PARIS’s new fragrance, A Kiss from a Rose, is an olfactive antithesis: velvety rose petals contrast a sharp vegetal accord for a swinging pendulum between beauty and danger, opulence and transparency.

Rose—the ultimate romantic flower—plays across the whole scent, intertwining with an almost biting green accord, a true heart, and a deep descent into a sensual musky embrace. Addictive as the best kissers always are, A Kiss from a Rose enters into The Narcotics olfactive family within the KILIAN PARIS fragrance repertoire.

“I wanted to express the petals and the thorns in my perfume,” explains Founder Kilian Hennessy, who worked on the blend with perfumer Alberto Morillas. “A Kiss from a Rose is delicate, yes, but like with a Rose you simply cannot manipulate this scent without being careful. I consider it a warning when you approach!”

Opening with an airy green vegetal accord, A Kiss from a Rose quickly blooms into a floral rush of rose and jasmine. ‘Rose de Mai’ takes center stage as an opulent elixir sourced from Grasse, France; its petals are hand-picked at dawn during harvest. Notes of Jasmine Sambac from China dance around her—green, fruity and slightly sweet. At last, White Musk and Cypriol Essence anchor and lengthen the fragrance trail, rounding off its sensuality, comforting and soft.

A vivid, translucent shade of red, A Kiss from a Rose’s perfume flacon is true to the iconic proportions of all KILIAN PARIS creations, featuring art deco-inspired angles and a textured Achilles’s shield motif along its sides. Offset by luminous gold-colored toned hardware engraved with white enamels, it is an expression of passion and power.

A Kiss from a Rose is a torturesome paradox in perfume— a surrendering against all reserve and reason.