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KURA CHIKA by PORTER launches the All New Tanker concept

14 Jun, 2024

The new Tanker, which was announced in November last year, has finally been released. Tanker is one of Porter’s most popular series, based on the motif of the Ma-1, and now celebrates its 40th anniversary. Tanker is renewed under the concept of All New Tanker – nothing stays the same, but everything changes.

Tanker has been reborn with an innovative 100% plant-derived nylon, called Ecodia®︎N510 from synthetic fiber manufacturer, Toray. Specifically, the fabric is created using corn and castor and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The 100% plant-derived nylon is produced at Toray’s Aichi Plant, where nylon was first mass-produced more than 70 years ago. The facilities that have been carefully used for 70 years coexist with new machines and systems utilizing DX, and the facilities and technologies that have been inherited and developed over the years have succeeded in producing 100% plant-derived nylon with the quality (strength, suppleness, luster, etc.) that Porter requires. This innovative yarn, which guarantees the same or even higher quality than conventional nylon, is produced using equipment and technology that has been inherited and developed over many years.

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  • 經過精心設計拉鏈頭,前端部分微微翹起,抓握更容易,在開合時亦更加順暢。
  • 金屬配件的塗層工藝更加細緻謹慎,在底油之上再重複進行6次塗裝,能讓塗層不易剝落。以往未能塗裝的配件内部,現在也能完成上油,達致外觀美感的完整性。
  • TANKER 裡面配備了可視性高的透明小袋
  • 新設計改良為可拆式,可扣在袋包內裡或拆下來單獨使用,配備了5種不同尺寸,以配合不同袋型所需。
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