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Lady Nara Presents The Blooming Lady Afternoon Tea Set

16 Feb, 2023

Let’s bloom in the springtime afternoon with Lady Nara’s new The Blooming Lady afternoon tea set. Showcasing 14 delectable sweet and savoury treats with Thai flairs in vintage boxes in front of the picturesque Victoria Harbour view, The Blooming Lady offers you a beautiful feast for the eyes, palate, mind and soul.

Sweet – Create a wonderful blend of seasonal flavours

Lavender Mousse Parfait – Layered with lavender jelly, silky lavender mousse and biscuit crumbs, this beautiful sweet treat creates a vibrant floral note with a sense of decadence.

Caramel & Taro Meringue Tart – A crumbly buttercrust base topped with creamy mashed taro and melt-in-your-month burnt meringue, this fine morsel brings simple pleasure with contrasting textures. A dreamy creation for tart lovers.

Peach & Lemon Swiss Roll Cake – Featuring a fluffy peachy filling and lemon cream all rolled up in the spongy chiffon cake, it creates a delectable palate of tastes that encapsulates the freshness of spring.

Thai Tea & Mango Mille Feuille – A creative imagination on the classic French Mille Feuille, our Thai version is delicately light and subtly flavoured by combining Thai Tea custard and fresh mango that offers a fresh medley of sweetness, freshness and crunchiness.

Sweetheart Cookie & Strawberry Macaron – Presented in cute heart shapes, the cookie coated with pink icing and is crispy in texture while the macaron contributes a sweet yet tangy note with its berry filling.

No afternoon tea is complete without traditional scones. Our signature buttery Raisin Crumbly Scone and superfood-infused Beetroot & Purple Sweet Potato Crumbly Scone pair well with the house-made fig jam and light clotted cream for an extra kick of indulgence.

Savoury – Immerse your taste buds in the refined savoury morsels

Parma Ham & Tomato Salsa Bruschetta – A savoury combination of Parma ham, tomato salsa and salad vegetables served on crispy bruschetta toast to brighten up your meal with all kinds of goodies in just one bite.

Shrimp & Cream Cheese Roll – Combining fresh minced shrimps and cream cheese under a crisp cucumber wrap, this roll exudes a refreshing note with distinctive umami flavour.

Papaya Salad Bean Curd Skin Roll – A beautiful medley of crunchy green papaya salad tossed in a spicy sweet and sour dressing, all wrapped in a crispy eye-catchy tofu skin sourced from Japan.

Spicy Minced Pork Baby Cabbage Roll – Stir-fried with assorted Thai herbs such as lemongrass and lemon leaves, the ground pork is wrapped in a steamed cabbage leaf – a Thai twist on traditional cabbage rolls and Pad Kra Pao.

Spinach & Feta Cheese Quiche – The creamy filling made of baby spinach, feta cheese, cheddar cheese and egg pairs perfectly with the buttery crust. Small in size but big in flavours.

Slow-cooked Salmon Fillet – Gently simmered in warm oil then glazed with our signature Phad Thai sauce, this tender fillet is packed with bold flavour and a boozy kick from the Vodka lime sauce.

Spring-inspired Mocktails – Greeting the springtime in style

Lady Nara unveils new spring treats with two floral mocktails specially crafted for The Blooming Lady afternoon tea set –

Osmanthus Oolong Tonic – Our mixologist infuses osmanthus and oolong with tonic water for a bubbly spin on the floral tea. Garnished with a slice of orange, thyme and osmanthus leaves, it makes for the perfect drink that brings you to springtime.

Lavender Grapefruit Sour – Floral notes from the lavender-infused syrup and lavender dust blended deliciously with fresh grapefruit and lime juice to add a lovely complexity and depth to the drink.


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