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Make way for the animal kingdom. A theme dear to René Lalique, the Empreinte Animale collection pays tribute to wildlife in all its splendor. Setting the stage for a bestiary theater, it invites us to dive into a dreamlike jungle where feathers, fur and scales are tamed. With a realism that is truer than life, the know-how of the masters of fire offer a perfect replica of the animal materials, thereby saluting the art of crystal haute couture, unique to LALIQUE.

Background – A mysterious light and exalted construction

The Spring Summer 2023 campaign was shot at The House of Xavier Corbero, Master Artist and Architect. A long-term project that he has carried out for more than four decades. A house that develops around a deep well of light. An incredible maze that no casual visitor can imagine without a methodical visit by the master of the house, 74-year-old sculptor Xavier Corbero. The lair seduced the film-maker Woody Allen, who used it as the backdrop for several scenes in his 2008 film Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

 Decorative Objects

Exceptional crystal creations, like imprints in the skin or the animal coating, revealing an elegant and strong graphic design with a sensual touch. A bestiary collection high in color, graphics, relief and emotion and the illusion is complete. Yet crystallized, this vibrant and sensory nature seems ready to come alive. At first glance, the precision of the designs, the emphasis on details and the purity of the reflections place these pieces in the century-old tradition of light sculptors. The textures, colours and finishes, in turn, give even more scope to these animal conversations. To the touch, the relief of the materials, satin or repolished, soft or poignant, call for contact with the hand.

This seasons, LALIQUE brings the edgy and bold motif of the crocodile and Zebre pattern to the vase. Impressive and sculptural, the Crocodile motif captures all the graphic power of this fearsome animal. The meticulous detail of the scales and the crystal relief are a real technical achievement, giving it a striking realism. Bold and intriguing, the crystal skin irresistibly invites to be touched. In both clear and black, they show their strength. The contrasted Zebre motif celebrates the natural geometry of this savannah symbol. The clear satin- finished and re-polished versions offer plenty of scope for interpretation. The captivating black and white stripes on the crystal create a very hypnotic visual effect. Highly realistic, they seem to run through the anatomy of the vase, itself inspired by the curves of the animal. In this version, the vase shows a highly technical enameling work.

In contrast, the Plumes vases and Fourrure motif displays elegance and sophistication. In the Amazon forest, quietly lurking in the flamboyant green foliage, lives this parrot with its characteristic plumage. Its camouflage makes it barely visible. Like the light coming through the tropical canopy, the purity of the reflects and the radiance of the crystal are fascinating. The softness of the pattern comforts and invites to touch, to caress. The Plumes vases come to life under the features and radiant colour of the Amazon Parrot. Vibrant and warm, the Fourrure motif evokes the generous curves of the bear. The delicacy of the design reproduces the precision of the fur for a true-to-life effect.  The rounded Fourrure bowl enhances the “cozy” and voluptuous effect that invites an embrace.

With a touch of playfulness comes A newcomer to the Lalique bestiary: the Toucan. Curious and majestic, this exotic bird wears its dazzling green plumage with panache. The toucan’s beak is even more imposing in the platinum stamped version for a very contemporary expression.


The Empreinte Animale inspiration is reflected in LALIQUE’s new Spring Summer 2023 jewellery collection, combining geometric zebra crystal with metal links and adding contrasts. Like a print, the zebra lines run through the crystal and are stopped short by smooth edges. With rhythm, the link crystal alternates between smooth sides with satin finished in the center and repolished on the outside, and sides sculpted with captivating zebra stripes with a satin finish and repolished in relief. Available in two style, the intense black crystal contrasts with ultra-shiny 18-carat yellow gold-plated brass, while the clear crystal perfectly matches the mirror effect of silver. A play of textures sensitive to the touch.

Candle and Perfume

Close your eyes and dive into the thrilling world of a sacred and shimmering jungle. Big cats roar in the distance, snakes hiss and monkeys prance by, while birds sing in harmony. You carefully explore your surroundings and draw on your primitive instinct to unearth the treasures hidden in luxuriant flora. A vase made of amber toned crystal, in a deep orange. Its tiger stripe motifs give the impression that it is covered in a sumptuous fur of matchless elegance. in gold and silver, and are ideal for day or evening, a versatile adornment that she will surely love. Taking inspiration from the crocodile, revered as a god by some and as a majestic predator by others, LALIQUE created the 2023 Limited Edition Crystal Flacon and perfume that pays homage to this most extraordinary creature with its dramatic and elegant design. The bottle is crafted with the unmistakable texture of crocodile skin etched onto its satin body, capturing the graphic power of this fearsome animal.

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