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Art & Culture

Snoopy-Themed Merchandise @Harbour City

28 Nov, 2021

This Christmas, Harbour City transforms into a “Christmas Terminal” to greet everyone to embark on a Christmas journey. Snoopy flies from the United States and begins a festive voyage with us! What’s more, fans can also find a wide range of Peanuts themed merchandise in Harbour City!


Leblon-Delienne invited a range of renowned designers and artists to interpret the figure of the well-loved dynamic cartoon character Snoopy holding a chromed red heart. This Snoopy sculpture delivers a sleek visual play to your interior decorations.

LOG-ON: “Chill” as Snoopy 2021

Hong Kong-based creative studio AllRightsReserved recently launched a new trading platform for creative collectibles called FWENCLUB, and linked up with Peanuts to debut its latest project “Chill” as Snoopy 2021. Only 1000 figures will be up for grabs with each piece numbered and authenticated by a Near-Field Communication tag along with a digital certificate.

Snoopy Camping USB Humidifier

Watch Snoopy and Woodstock roasting marshmallows from a transparent dome, gives a relaxing and healing experience! With a USB cable, suitable for use at home and office.

Uniqlo: PEANUTS Holiday

Relax with Snoopy and friends with UNIQLO’s UT loungewear collection! Designed for the holiday season, this collection of loungewear is adorned with designs featuring Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown. Enjoy time spent at home with family and loved ones while snuggling up in these delightful, cosy pieces.

Snidel: Peanuts Meets Gelato Pique

This Winter, gelato pique collaborates with Snoopy to launch a warm and sweet loungewear collection, in which you can fully enjoy the smooth texture for a relaxing day.

city’super: Snoopy Christmas Themed Snacks

There are a wide range of Snoopy and Christmas themed snacks available now at city’super, including chocolate, candies and biscuits which are perfect as a gift or sharing at parties!

Shout Gallery: Snoopy Themed Artworks

Apart from the “Snoopy Kyoto Art Voyage” which is now exhibited at Gallery by the Harbour, art lovers can also visit Shout Gallery to check out more Snoopy themed artworks.