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Less is more! Tips to pick your baby care products

11 Sep, 2018

Every mother wants nothing but the best for her baby. When it comes to grooming products, less is best. Get only the essentials and here are some tips and tricks to help you in picking the right products.

Say goodbye to fragrant lotions, shampoos and soaps. Choose products that use natural ingredients and free of chemicals and preservatives. Introduced by Beyorg, Little Butterfly London is organic certified by Ecocert, hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. Another natural choice goes to Lyanature co., founded by Korean actress Lee Young Ae with a Skin Specialist from the University of Seoul whose aim is to create more beautiful skin for both mum and children.

When it comes to baby soap or shampoo, choose a tear-free formula since the foam tends to stay put. The shorter the ingredient list, the better the product. Leonor Greyl and Jurlique have combined hair and body wash for more convenience, while Fancl’s Baby Hair Shampoo boasts gentle formula to cleanse baby’s hair and scalp. And since baby’s skin can lose moisture at a rapid pace, Kiehl’s Nurturing Baby Cream for Face & Body and Sabon Mum & Baby Care Body Lotion would be good choices to soothe and moisturize baby-soft skin.

Baby’s skin can be up to five times thinner than an adult’s skin, so it is essential to protect their skin from the damages of the sun. With 97% natural ingredients, APIVITA Suncare SPF 30-PA+++ Babies Protection offers high protection while soothes skin and prevents irritations. And don’t forget: 50% of ambient UV rays may be present in the shade due to reflection, so sunscreen has to be applied even when babies & kids are sitting in the shade or when it’s cloudy.

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