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Featuring the theme of “PAWsperity for ALL” this Chinese New Year, Harbour City launches limited edition “Fortune Tiger-Cat” Lai See Packets & Pouch redemption and turns Ocean Terminal Forecourt into a Lucky Lantern Pathway. 108 colourful lanterns will be swaying in the breeze above the pathway. With different blessings tied with 8 giant wishing knitted balls, we wish everyone good luck, good wealth, and good health! Harbour City also invites Dr. Lee Shing Chak to share Fortune of the Year of the Tiger online and give exclusive lucky tips for each Chinese Zodiac so that everyone can get prepared for the New Year!

 Lucky Lantern Pathway & Wishing Knitted Balls

 Using 12 golden pillars to support 8 golden circles on the top, the pathway is lit up by 108 hanging lanterns. The golden pillars are wrapped by lucky ropes in four colours (gold, orange, red, and pink), just like the scratching pillar for cats to climb and sharpen their claws! The custom-made lanterns are printed with specially designed “tiger pattern” in red, orange, and purple colours. With the harbour breeze, these bright lanterns turn into windmills to bring everyone good luck, and the whole pathway becomes a shining sea of lights.

8 giant wishing knitted balls are also hanging in the Lantern Pathway, handmade with the same four-coloured lucky ropes. Each wishing knitted ball is tied with a Fai Chun with different blessing messages, including Always Beyond Others, as Strong as Tiger, Happy Every day, Good Wealth, Success in Studies, and Good Luck All Year Round.

Online Sharing of 2022 Fortune by Dr. Lee Shing Chak & Exclusive Tips at Lucky Lantern Pathway

As the old saying goes, the plan of the year lies in the Spring. We hope to sail smoothly into the Year of the Tiger and we once again invite Dr. Lee Shing Chak to share fortune overview of the Year of the Tiger online. Moreover, Dr. Lee will share exclusive lucky tips for each Chinese Zodiac. Visitors can get the tips by scanning the QR codes on the 12 golden pillars of the Lucky Lantern Pathway to get prepared for the New Year!

Lucky Lantern Pathway for “PAWsperity” at Harbour City – Opening Details

Date: 15 Jan 2022 to 15 Feb 2022

Time: 10am to 10pm

Location: Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City