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Marimekko Fall Winter 2021 Kioski Collection

08 Oct, 2021

The Marimekko Kioski fall/winter 2021 drop continues the theme of kindness and respect – and being kind to everything and everyone also includes yourself.

Embrace yourself!

The new edition of Kioski explores the mindscapes of inner well-being and overall life balance through meditative prints and calming colorways combined with the laid-back aesthetic of the ‘90s.

The comfy Huipennusta sweater features bold, stitched Unikko (poppy) blossoms in the front, and the Rinnehopea long-sleeve shirt repeats the hypnotic Lokki (seagull) print. Supporting the well-being of body and soul, this drop also brings you a Lokki terry towel, and the new Marimekko logo water bottle is best paired with the Unikko smart bag designed for the bottle. All the cotton for the Marimekko Kioski collection is sourced as more sustainably produced Better Cotton. All the bags are made of recycled polyester.

Soothing sound waves by Licaxx

The Kioski fall/winter 2021 sound design was created in collaboration with our friend Licaxxx, a producer and DJ from Tokyo, who has composed a conceptual piece of music by utilizing a sound library based on field recordings from the Marimekko printing mill. Get to know Licaxxx and her personal sources of inspiration and inner balance

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