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A BATHING APE® is once again bringing us a whole new space to celebrate the street culture aesthetic that permeates its brand. A BATHING APE® began in Japan in 2002 and has since taken Malaysia and China by storm, expanding its offering beyond trendy streetwear to a full range of accessories, household items, art, toys, and even food. The new BAPE CAFE!?® takes that last item to the next level, further cementing the complete lifestyle offering they bring to their followers. The first BAPE CAFE!?® opened in Shanghai and it is now thriving with fans attending in droves. The concept is now coming to Harbour City to offer Hong Kong’s fans their own base to socialise in a BAPE®-infused environment.

The new BAPE CAFE!?® sits inside a whole new BAPE STORE® in Harbour City, adopting an innovative shop-in-shop concept. The 2,780 square foot store has been so strongly imbued with BAPE® culture that fans of the brand are going to feel completely at home. You’ll find the familiar LINE CAMO printed on the glass wall façade, while imitation dolomite flooring and frosted mirror stainless steel displays generates a minimalist futuristic atmosphere. This is further emphasised by the majestic fully silver-plated SHARK SEIJIN sculptures that flank the entrance, and the dramatic gold-plated camouflage stainless steel sneaker wall in the centre of the store.

As you wander into the BAPE CAFE!?® you’ll find the futuristic mood carries through to the bar and multi-person dining area. The BAPE® MODERNICA FIBER SHELL CHAIR camouflage on the seating, LINE CAMO frosted stainless steel, and ABC camouflage sofas all harmonise to deliver that signature BAPE® style with a soft leisurely edge. Of course, it wouldn’t be a BAPE® scene without seeing our favourite ape-man everywhere, but also without some collectable products on offer; a series of new punch cards are going to be a real treat for long-standing fans of the brand who visit the BAPE CAFE!?®.

BAPE CAFE!?® offers food fit for an ape!
We all know that BAPE® takes plenty of its street culture influence from the Western world and fuses it with that of the sophisticated Japanese urban scene. So, of course, the BAPE CAFE!?® food concept is similarly going to be the most delicate of fusions of Western and Japanese specialities. With a full range of dishes spanning starters, mains, snacks, desserts, and drinks, fans are already planning pilgrimages to admire their eye-catching presentation and taste the unique flavours that are on offer.

Predicted to be one of the most in-demand items is the BAPE® Burger (HK$159), with its juicy burger patty sandwiched in a perfectly fried bun served with salad and a special sauce. It’s also going to be served in unique ape-man head packaging, which will also be reflected on the table coverings giving you a full BAPE® branded experience. Other items slated to be extremely popular include the Grilled Prime American Rib Eye Steak (HK$399), Japanese Curry Pork Chop Rice (HK$129), and Pepperoni Pizza (HK$149) which can all be served alongside sophisticated sides such as the Crispy Golden Truffle Fries (HK$69) or the classic Seared Tuna Niçoise Salad (HK$199).

Visitors from China might discover new entrees on the menu that only available in the Hong Kong store! Look out for the smooth, rich Miso Silver Cod with Mashed Potato (HK$229) exhibiting the essence of high-end Kyoto cuisine, as well as the Creamy Lobster Linguine with Scallops (HK$239) which should satisfy a Western palate with an entire half lobster served on spaghetti cooked in lobster sauce.

You can also order from a series of Japanese-style Yakitori (HK$39) or order it all-inclusive (for HK$149). There is a range of skewered delights on offer from chicken with chives, grilled eel, pork, beef tongue, and even green jade melon!
A range of beverages are available to augment your dining experience including coffee, milkshakes, and soda. And finally, you can round off your meal with some indulgent dessert options such as the BAPE® Hazelnut Chocolate Cake (HK$79) or the gorgeously presented BAPE® Ice-Cream Waffle (HK$99). You’ll really find that avant-garde energy that BAPE® is known for from the very first step into the café through to your final delightful mouthful.

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