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Marimekko Pre-Fall 2024 Home Collection

09 Jul, 2024

The Pre-Fall 2024 home collection by Finnish design house Marimekko creates a dialogue between nature and bold architectural landscapes. The collection continues to explore Marimekko’s most iconic print Unikko in a three-dimensional form. New additions include Unikko-shaped candleholders and bathmat. The collection celebrates different scales and expressions of Unikko by turning them into a collage, resulting in an abstract pattern.

The Unikko Kollaasi plates and cups encourage Marimekko’s community to mix and match different scales of Unikko into a joyful setting. The Pre-Fall 2024 collection presents new colorways to Marimekko’s Syksy glassware series, designed by Matti Klenell. The rain-inspired glassware pieces act as the perfect addition to the atmospheric table settings of the Fall season.

The seasonal color palette combines calming sage, cobalt blue, tangerine and blueish greys into an interesting entity. Unikko is strongly present throughout the collection, and it receives another one of Marimekko’s most iconic prints on its side, when Piccolo by Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi returns to Marimekko’s home collection after many years. Piccolo is largely known as the iconic striped pattern in Marimekko’s Jokapoika shirt.

The idea of joyous mixing and matching continues with the newest animal-themed pattern Kurre by Aino-Maija Metsola. The new folklore-inspired pattern mixes perfectly with Aino-Maija’s other animal-themed products from past seasons. Later in the season, new shades of berry red and elegant gold pigments are introduced to bring a festive touch to the collection. Long-awaited Unikko-shaped gingerbread molds and Unikko-shaped candleholders present the perfect way to bring season’s greetings to a loved one.

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