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27 Apr, 2023

German luxury fashion Haus MCM opens up at Harbour City store on April 13th 2023. Celebrating the Spring/Summer 2023 META OCEAN capsule collection, the destination’s Bauhaus design movement reflects an elevated yet luxurious environment and serves as the perfect spot to elevate the MCM collections.

The store merges aesthetic craftsmanship with modernism, as evident in its emphasis on functionality and simplicity, echoing with MCM brand philosophy. The MCM store design is not limited to the conventional Bauhaus but rather dare and unusual.


Walls are hand-finished with rough concrete texture, showcases created with terrazzo tile as masterpieces. All furnishings are carefully created in considering the utmost functionality, with full efficiency while keeping the beauty of simplicity. At the new store, customers can experience the pre-launch of parts of the META OCEAN collection by the daring and bold brand MCM. Reinterpreting the natural world through the collection’s cyberpunk aesthetic the design of the new store works with simple and functional elements for continuous story telling. Raw showcasing modules with a rough concrete finish and a minimalistic design bring a full focus on product details, from animal-inspired prints to pixelated patterns and create the perfect atmosphere for an aspirational shopping experience.

A selection of pieces of the META OCEAN collection will be available in the Harbour City store exclusively before it hits all other stores worldwide and MCM’s web shop on May 1st. The collection refers to submerged safari, with smart, engineered nylon jackets and water reflection graphics merging with luminous animal prints for an eye-catching, unique experience of the world beneath the tides.

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