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For the year 2023, Finnish design house Marimekko sets a completely new mood. The Pre-Spring 2023 collection draws inspiration from Retro Futurism. A carefully curated continuum of archival Marimekko prints is combined with invigorating, retrospective fashion cues, and more responsible material choices. The new season’s wardrobe plays with monochromatism, the mix of architectural and organic form, and the fascinating dialogue between positive and negative space.

This season’s 1960’s space-age fashion references are seen through retro-futuristic shapes, the mini length, extra-wide trouser styles, and the return of the skort. These nostalgic classics are tweaked for the modern age by the choice of material and print alike.

Seasonal colors & prints

This season’s colors are designed for monochromatic dressing and effortless combining of colors and prints. For this season, monochromatism also translates into mono-pattern dressing, where one pattern is seen across an entire outfit andcanbe easily worn with tone-to-tone solid pieces, thereby creating multiple styling options.

This season’s prints have been exclusively selected from Marimekko’s print archive, mainly from the 1960’s. The season’s sporty reference is evident in the multitude of stripes seen across majority of prints.

The classic Marimekko jersey dresses are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Marimekko also continues to experiment with new natural dyes. For this season, the natural shade of willow provides a beautiful light shade of beige to the garments. The season’s bags and accessories also include more sustainable material choices. The newly launched pillow bags are now made from 100 percent recycled polyester – this includes the main material, lining, and padding.

Marimekko Spring/Summer 2023 home collection

For Spring/Summer 2023, Finnish design house Marimekko sets a completely new mood. The collection interprets better living through the lens of optimistic futurism, which is seen in the simplified and mono-material aesthetics of the season. The new collection plays with dynamics between different shapes and the dialogue between positive and negative space. The materials in the collection celebrate the organic qualities of each material. The color scheme for the beginning of the season presents a fresh and optimistic mood, whereas the last drop is an ultimatum of better summer living.

The season’s colors play with the dialogue between nature’s own shades and industrially manufactured colors. Hues of sand, burnt red and sky blue are mixed with artificial tones of spearmint green and joyful yellow, creating an overall aesthetic of optimism and yearning of those summer days ahead.

This season’s prints offer futuristic interpretations of some Marimekko classics. Fresh colorways and simplified prints bring a breath of something new, yet familiar at the same time into the season. The prints come in monochromatic shades and simplified aesthetics.

The Spring/Summer 2023 kitchen selection presents new essential items designed for casual, family style dining. The Oiva tableware assortment comes in a new brown base, which combines beautifully with white base ceramics from previous seasons. The collection also introduces new additions for tea lovers – brown base Oiva tea mugs and teapot in Seireeni (siren) print by Maija Isola from 1964.

The new Marimade series released last year seeks to explore new sustainable means and ways to reuse, recycle and reduce materials. The product assortment of Marimade is made mainly from existing recycled and upcycled materials and bio-based materials.  This year also added several new tableware and tote bags. More sustainable jewels of the home textiles include new crewel embroidered Seireeni (siren) cushion cover, which is made from unbleached cotton-linen blend and the quilted Seireeni (siren) bedspread made from unbleached cotton and recycled polyester filling.

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