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The Earthly Paradise Dream of Maison Christian Dior

18 May, 2021

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc celebrated not long ago its 150th anniversary. Dior has chosen to honour the legendary luxury hotel on the French Rivera with a new fragrance created by François Demachy and brilliantly inspired by this Mediterranean paradise. Two French arts de vivre come together in the Eden-Roc fragrance – the Parisian elegance of La Collection Privée Christian Dior, and the sunlit luxury of an iconic hotel.


Say “Eden-Roc” out loud, and a thousand images come tumbling to mind. Of a steep headland flooded with sunlight and bordered by sheer white rocks dropping down to the waters of the Mediterranean sea; a domain hidden in a leafy nest shaded by fragrant umbrella pines; a swimming pool that seems to dive into the sea, where languid stars sunbathe, and a majestic alley at the end of which a Napoleon III building, originally named “The Sun Villa,” stands proud.

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc just celebrated last year its 150th anniversary. One and a half centuries of absolute calm, genuine luxury, and sweet sensuality – the very same exceptional qualities La Collection Privée Christian Dior recognizes in itself and is honouring with a fragrance specially created by François Demachy.

An intensely sun-filled scent to celebrate the radiant beauty of Eden-Roc. A fragrance like a declaration to the most famous luxury hotel ever!


It is well-known that stars and royalty from all over the world fight to obtain the best suites here, to lounge by the swimming pool hewn straight from the rock, and to take refuge at siesta time in one of the famous little “cabanas” hidden in the pine forest. A glittering galaxy adored Eden-Roc as much as they adored the New Look by Christian Dior, who would often rub shoulders with stars dressed in Dior, both in Paris and on the French Riviera.

And yet, no trace exists to date of the avenue Montaigne couturier having stayed at Eden-Roc. Neither to enjoy the tranquillity of this unique hotel, nor during the Cannes Film Festival, even though he dressed a number of stars who would stay there for the duration. It is astonishing, and doubtful. How is possible that he, who loved the French Riviera, and hedonistically travelled its roads from the Lavandou to Mandelieu-La-Napoule via Saint-Tropez, passed this earthly paradise by? After all, the Château de la Colle Noire, which was his last home and his ultimate folly, was but a stone’s throw from Cap d’Antibes! But no, there is absolutely nothing – no sepia-tinged photo of him on a terrace, and no signature in the visitors’ book, which nevertheless contains those of close friends such as Marc Chagall, and the stars faithful to his creative genius such as Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth. After all, the true, unaffected luxury of this magical place, the 8 luxuriant hectares of the domain brimming with the scents of the Mediterranean, notwithstanding the renowned restaurant and the legendarily kind staff, would all have suited him so well!

So let us give free rein to our imagination and allow ourselves to dream that Christian Dior visited this Eden cut off from noise and the world. Let us imagine his steps as he would discover the rich profusion of scents that assail all the senses upon entering this paradise. Let us dream a little, and “smell” the fragrances of this magical place with him, as captured by the scent of François Demachy’s new creation.


Blue for the sea, yellow for the sun, and green for the pine trees

Let us dream a little. The Eden-Roc fragrance is a scent imbued with the Mediterranean breeze, conveying a strong emotion. It luminously evokes the delights of the French Riviera with a composition that is both mineral and green, and that tells its story as though revealing a landscape, playing the notes of its radiant melody. The accords of this sea-scented perfume carry the tang of salt, are as lively as the wind, and as warm as the sun.

The Riva slowly draws near to the shore. Out at sea lie the Lérins Islands and the Mediterranean stretching as far as the eye can see. The afternoon sun has mellowed, but still beats strongly down upon the rocks.

The fragrance opens via the powerfully invigorating scent of the sea. A salty top note leads with strength. A dizzying and sensual feeling comes next, settling on the tip of the tongue like a touch of crystallized saline. This marine beauty is like gust of cool air accompanied by white stone warmed in the sun.

This salty marine entrance is powerful and radiant. It settles in immediately, and stays for a long, long time…

Then, the sweet scent of far niente arrives. Aromas of tanning oil and of skin warmed by the sun unfurl thanks to a jasmine note heightened with an instantly recognisable touch of coconut. This irresistible reminiscence immediately brings to mind sensual images of languid tanned bodies displaying a few remaining traces of salt.

Next, the journey continues along the monumental alley that leads from the sea up to the splendid main building. Lined with immense Aleppo pine trees, this majestic alley provides a cool and fragrant protective archway, where the vivid aromatic scents of the Garrigue come together in resinous amber Cistus ladanifer and powerfully green and herbaceous Mastic.

Moving on through the garden, one is struck by the generous emanations from summer flowers, such as the small white and wondrous Jasmine, that give the Eden-Roc scent its full Riviera elegance.

Thus by the end of a stroll through these fragrant environs, a perfume is born.
In a visibly simple and natural expression of beauty.

It is scent coloured by a unique place:
Blue, for the sea that lines this Cap.
Yellow, for the Mediterranean sun that shines over the white rock.
Green, for the luxuriant nature that surrounds and protects it.
A fragrance named simply, “Eden-Roc,” evoking the magic of a place where the sea, nature and pleasure celebrate a never-ending union.