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Harbour City and MILK have united to embark on a sartorial odyssey for an immersive collaboration in the realm of beloved fashion magazines that ignite the passions of style connoisseurs worldwide. With a shared devotion to the art of print, the MILK X team draws inspiration from these influential publications, curating an exquisite selection of styles that harmoniously blend with the fashion brands found within the vibrant tapestry of Harbour City.


From a room filled with stacks of shoeboxes, to the long queues outside of a store whenever a fresh pair of sneakers hits the shelves, to many, the unbridled fervor of sneakerheads may seem unfathomable. Yet the unwavering passion resonates with a multitude of like-minded souls.

Since its inception in the spring of 2004, the ethereal pages of Shoes Master magazine have beckoned us into the sanctum of high-end sneaker culture. A veritable shrine to the artistry of footwear, this biannual publication has become an indispensable oracle for sneaker connoisseurs, serving as a sacred text that transcends mere fashion.

Two decades have since passed, and the undulating tides of sneaker culture have birthed countless icons while igniting a multitude of trends. In an unprecedented collaboration between MILK X and HARBOUR CITY, we proudly present a resplendent homage to the indomitable spirit of Shoes Master. Immerse yourself in the vanguard of the latest trends, as we celebrate the harmonious fusion of style and sneaker culture with six immaculate ensembles, each orchestrated around the centerpiece of footwear.

Paying homage to the profound influence from Shoes Master, six esteemed brands – Y-3, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Golden Goose, MCM, and Ecco – converge, each bringing their distinct style and global footwear prowess to the forefront. Together, they curate an exquisite tapestry where timeless classics and cutting-edge trends intertwine.

The journey commences with Y-3, delivering a dose of unapologetic sporty sophistication. Jimmy Choo takes the baton to orchestrate a vibrant street-inspired ensemble with a playful palette. Giuseppe Zanotti is all about the captivating interplay of reds and blues, injecting a sense of novelty. Golden Goose offers a grunge-infused aesthetic that exudes raw individuality. Ecco showcases design ingenuity within the realm of practicality. Meanwhile, MCM takes the crescendo with a resolute all-black ensemble that pulsates with an urban streetwear sensibility. In this harmonious medley of styles, the overarching theme of Shoes Master reverberates, underscoring the profound significance of footwear in the realm of high fashion.

LOOK 1: From head to toe, the Y-3 ensemble unveils a captivating fusion of athleticism and avant-garde aesthetics, born from the visionary collaboration between Japanese high fashion maestro Yohji Yamamoto and athletic powerhouse Adidas. This look effortlessly blends comfort, utility, and design ingenuity. Amidst the signature monochromatic tapestry, the audaciously vibrant green sneakers take center stage with the futuristic contours. Complemented by a baseball-inspired leather jacket and sportswear pants, this ensemble weaves together a mesmerizing array of textures and colors.

LOOK 2: Renowned for opulence, Jimmy Choo transcends boundaries beyond women’s fashion. In this ensemble, vibrant men’s sneakers take center stage, harmonizing with a white turtle-neck from Club Monaco and a red shirt from Sandro. The Halfboy denim jacket from I.T complements the audacity of Jimmy Choo’s sneakers, creating a cohesive look that exudes both luxury and boldness.

LOOK 3: Established in 1994, Italian luxury footwear label Giuseppe Zanotti represents timeless craftsmanship and contemporary designs, while upholding impeccable quality. These distinctive and enduring sneakers seamlessly harmonize with Sandro’s blue and white vest and I.T’s Ader Error red baseball jacket, accentuating the sneakers’ invigorating color palette.

LOOK 4: Hailing from Europe, Golden Goose has always been the dark horse among fashion footwear brands and is renowned for its craftsmanship and unique designs. Often incorporating unique colorways, patterns, embroidery, and leather textures, the “distressed shoe” images break away from traditional designs. This look features a rugged T-shirt, jeans, and a leather jacket, exuding imperfection yet brimming with individuality, evoking a strong sense of grunge-inspired, rebellious rock aesthetic.

LOOK 5: Founded in 1963, Danish brand Ecco is synonymous with producing exquisite leather shoes. Merging cutting-edge technology, traditional craftsmanship, and contemporary design, Ecc maintains an unwavering commitment to eco-conscious production. Embracing a versatile and functional earth-tone palette, this ensemble effortlessly combines I.T’s Acne Studios sweatshirt with COS’s patterned shorts, infusing casual style with an artful touch. The look reaches new heights with punk-inspired eye makeup featuring Shu Uemura products and a daring hairstyle from IL Colpo, culminating in a bold and distinctive personal style statement.

LOOK 6: Renowned for its iconic leather handbags, German luxury brand MCM was established in 1976. Breaking boundaries in both clothing and footwear, it has consistently been a sought-after brand among celebrities. In this look, the street-style aesthetic is elevated by a full black ensemble, while a touch of orange in the functional sneakers adds an intriguing pop of color.