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14 Feb, 2024

Harbour City and MILK have united their creative forces to embark on a captivating sartorial odyssey, offering an immersive collaboration that intertwines the worlds of beloved fashion magazines and the fervor they ignite among style connoisseurs worldwide.

With an unwavering dedication to the art of print, the MILK X team finds inspiration in these influential publications, meticulously curating an exquisite selection of styles that seamlessly harmonize with the diverse range of fashion brands within the vibrant tapestry of Harbour City.


Love is vibrant, raw, and intense. The various facets of love are showcased in all their glory within the pages of the British magazine “LOVE.” Founded in 2009 by fashion journalist and stylist Katie Grand, this renowned publication falls under the prestigious Condé Nast umbrella and boasts a distinctive photography style. Its iconic covers have featured the likes of Madonna, Cher, Kate Moss, Miley Cyrus, and more. The inaugural issue boldly pushed boundaries and artistic limits, featuring American singer-songwriter Beth Ditto in a daring nude pose, embodying a fusion of taboo, art, and limitless fashion and love.

In collaboration with MILK X, Harbour City pays homage to the multifaceted nature of love, taking inspiration from the theme of “LOVE MAGAZINE.”

Eight exquisitely looks, brimming with youthful energy, were brought to life by a captivating duo of male and female models. Each ensemble showcased the essence of renowned brands such as the iconic Italian fashion powerhouse, EMPORIO ARMANI, the edgy and sensual New York label, ALEXANDER WANG, the contemporary casual footwear brand, HOGAN, the high-end Japanese denim sensation, EVISU, the enchanting women’s shoe brand, JIMMY CHOO, and an array of luxurious or niche fashion labels meticulously curated by the esteemed boutique, LANE CRAWFORD. These fashion-forward ensembles were artfully paired with the exquisite craftsmanship of Hong Kong’s premier jewelry brand, EMPHASIS, and the refined elegance of EMPORIO ARMANI WATCH&JEWELLERY, culminating in a stunning collection of eight trendsetting looks.

COUPLE LOOK 1: The rainbow-hued knitted top by ROSE CARMINE creates a vibrant foundation for the outfit. The green outerwear from ALEXANDER WANG, paired with a tee in the same shade on the male model, creates a coordinated look. Completing the vibrant and distinctive couple’s attire are the matching his-and-hers timepieces from EMPORIO ARMANI. The bold and colorful eye makeup by SHU UEMURA enhances the youthful and energetic vibe, perfectly complementing the overall look.

COUPLE LOOK 2: With pink as the focal point, the GANNI open-back knitted top is elegantly paired with the RAG & BONE pink long-sleeved top. The black jumpsuit by ALEXANDER WANG, along with the coordinated EMPORIO ARMANI shirt and trousers, creates a striking contrast of pink and black, striking a perfect balance between chic and cute. The captivating touch is brought forth by the radiance from the MANON COLLECTION by EMPHASIS, finishing the look with an enchanting glow.

GIRL LOOK 1: The soft, spring-like hue of the pale yellow blazer by JACQUEMUS exudes a gentle charm. The zebra-printed pants from ALEXANDER WANG add a bold and charismatic touch. The brownish-gray vest from EMPORIO ARMANI, paired with the thick-soled brown loafers by HOGAN, creates a warm-toned color palette. To add a touch of brilliance to the ensemble, the shimmering MMXXI COLLECTION jewelry by EMPHASIS completes the look with a dazzling flourish.

GIRL LOOK 2: The heart-shaped crystal embellished denim jacket by ALICE+OLIVIA perfectly embodies the theme of love. Layered underneath is a denim vest from EVISU, while the denim-inspired silhouette continues with the ALEXANDER WANG mini skirt. Adding a striking contrast, the sky blue color-blocked leather sandals by JIMMY CHOO complete the outfit. The sleek timepiece by EMPORIO ARMANI and the exquisite GALACTICA jewelry elevate the look with a touch of elegance.


The vivid red short-sleeved shirt from SCOTCH & SODA effortlessly brings forth a charming and preppy look. Complementing the top, the ensemble features the classic denim masterpiece from EVISU and the sleek H630 sneakers from HOGAN. Adding a touch of refinement, the MMXXI COLLECTION’s 18K diamond series from EMPHASIS beautifully accents the outfit, elevating it to new heights.


Embracing the denim look, the color blocking top from MAISON LABICHE infuses a vibrant sporty flair into the outfit. It effortlessly pairs with the denim suit-cut jacket and shorts from EVISU, creating a cohesive and stylish look. The minimalist yet elegant timepiece and jewelry from EMPORIO ARMANI add layers of sophistication and a touch of luxury. The curly hairstyle by IL COLPO accentuates a unique charm. Together, these elements harmonize to create a fashion-forward and individualistic ensemble.