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13 Dec, 2023

Harbour City and MILK collaborate to explore the world of fashion magazines that are equally passionate about printing and share them with everyone. The MILK X team draws inspiration from each magazine and creates various stunning styles among the dazzling array of fashion brands in Harbour City.


The first lesson in photography always teaches the pioneer of street photography, HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON’s “THE DECISIVE MOMENT” – capturing that fleeting decisive moment. Street photography is an art that captures moments in different eras through the shutter, combining a love and taste for fashion, resulting in “STREET.” Since its establishment in 1985, photographer Masakazu Aoki brought the STREET SNAP culture from Europe to Japan. The content covers major cities such as New York, London, Paris, and Belgium. It is a pioneer in fashion street photography magazines, seeking styles that represent each city between trends and classics in every issue. The original Harajuku Street Magazine, also created by Masakazu Aoki, ceased publication many years ago, while “STREET” also launched an online version in response to the trend. In this collaboration between MILK X and Harbour City, “STREET” is the theme, capturing six street styles against the backdrop of the streets.

Paying tribute to the imprint left by “STREET” as a pioneer of fashion street photography, the collaboration features eight fashion and footwear brands: MARK FAST, ISABEL MARANT, ZADIG & VOLTAIRE, BA&SH, CALVIN KLEIN, DR MARTENS, ONITSUKA TIGER, and VANS. They step out of the studio and onto the streets, complemented by three versatile jewelry brands: SWAROVSKI, PANDORA, and APM MONACO. Together, they create six street styles: the first style is a CALVIN KLEIN denim urban chic look, casual yet fashionable with blue and white hues; the second set is centered around ISABEL MARANT’s off-white monotone, unified in color and exuding freshness and liveliness; the third style features a strong personality with ZADIG & VOLTAIRE’s black top layered with ISABEL MARANT’s red leather jacket; in the fourth style, the bold and intense graffiti denim jacket from MARK FAST clashes with the translucent BA&SH vest and ZADIG & VOLTAIRE black suspender lace skirt, creating alternative charm amidst strength and softness; the fifth style showcases the avant-garde style with ONITSUKA TIGER’s unique half-and-half graphic sweatshirt and silver reflective trousers; with a touch of cool and rebellious hairstyles and iridescent green makeup, the street atmosphere is embodied in the collision of MARK FAST’s style.

LOOK 1: The denim  look from CALVIN KLEIN exudes a casual and fashionable urban chic vibe. Stepping into MARK FAST’s boots, the blue and white cool-toned color scheme blends perfectly with the street background of Japan. The retro fashion of IL COLPO’s millennial hairstyle highlights the look, while SWAROVSKI’s HARMONIA crystal pendant earrings add a touch of luminosity and a cool feel.

LOOK 2: A complete off-white MONOTONE ensemble, including the ZADIG & VOLTAIRE sweatshirt and ISABEL MARANT coat with a matching skirt. The black cross earrings from APM MONACO complement the black star pattern on the sweatshirt, and paired with the ONITSUKA TIGER ACROMOUNT sneakers, it creates a contrasting harmony in a casual manner.

LOOK 3: The combination of leather jacket and jeans always carries a stylish and rebellious street vibe. The black top from ZADIG & VOLTAIRE layered with the red leather jacket from ISABEL MARANT exudes a strong personality. Paired with the eye-catching red checkered VANS sneakers, the look is completed with exquisite SWAROVSKI red geometric earrings and a ring, adding the perfect finishing touch.

LOOK 4: The bold and intense style of the graffiti denim jacket from MARK FAST paired with the translucent BA&SH vest and ZADIG & VOLTAIRE black suspender lace skirt creates an interesting contrast of materials. The heart-shaped necklace from APM MONACO and the PANDORA PEACE ring add cute accents to the look. The heavy boots from DR MARTENS and the black leather bag from ISABEL MARANT carry a strong rock aesthetic.

LOOK 5: Street style outfits are always accompanied by printed graphics. The unique half-and-half graphic sweatshirt from ONITSUKA TIGER breaks the norm and adds a casual touch, while layered with the black lace top from ISABEL MARANT to create depth. The silver reflective trousers bring a avant-garde street style, and to continue the silver elements, the mini tote bag from ZADIG & VOLTAIRE is adorned with sparkling crystals, complementing the two silver necklaces from APM MONACO and PANDORA.

LOOK 6: The vibrant green eye makeup from SHU UEMURA exudes a strong personal style, contrasting with the luminous green jumpsuit from MARK FAST. The bold and distinctive color combination is sure to leave a lasting impression on the street. The fitted leggings from ZADIG & VOLTAIRE and the black boots from DR MARTENS add an interesting layering effect. The seemingly hard-to-wear down puffer sleeves from MARK FAST become an indispensable and unique fashion item for the look.