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Appreciate fashion, appreciate various styles! Following the successful collaboration with “MILK X” for the “WE LOVE MAGAZINE” project, Harbour City once again joined hands to explore and share different FASHION STYLES, interpreting the uniqueness of each style.


The word “athleisure” harmoniously blends athletic and leisure, transcending mere contemporary yoga pants or biker shorts. Its origins date back over a century, originating from the bygone era of fervent sports enthusiasm and gradually permeating everyday attire, street culture, and even high-end fashion. Renowned figures, including Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy, and tennis maestro Björn Borg, have all embraced the iconic athleisure aesthetics. It goes beyond sportswear functionality but also signifies a cultural expression and a way of life.

The second chapter of WE LOVE STYLE, WE LOVE ATHLEISURE, invites popular rapper JB as a pro to share his personal connection to the athleisure aesthetic. He shared insightful and easy-to-follow account of how sportswear has become ingrained within street culture, drawing inspiration from style icons like Dennis Rodman and Allen Iverson and how they blended their on-court and off-court looks.  

Rapper JB (@jiggie_boy)

We have also invited four NEW FORCE: members to participate: model Yung Yung (@lukyungyung), musician DANNY (@tangyuehin), vintage clothing shop owner MICSIN (@chickcsyyy) , and musician Tiger Foo (@tigerfoo.heartshine). These four individuals will scour stores in Harbour City to curate outfits that embody their unique interpretations of the athleisure trend. JB is the judge to provide commentary, allowing us to appreciate and gain a deeper understanding of the origins and evolution of this fashion style.

Model Yung Yung (@lukyungyung)
Musician Tiger Foo (@tigerfoo.heartshine)
Musician DANNY (@tangyuehin)
Vintage clothing shop owner MICSIN (@chickcsyyy)



Established in 1919, Champion swiftly rose to prominence by supplying sportswear to the U.S. Naval Academy. In the ’90s, it became the official sponsor for the NBA and U.S. Olympic teams, earning the favor of basketball stars. Champion’s university sportswear gained popularity in the ’50s. This washed denim baseball cap in pale pink features the iconic Champion logo, showcases the brand’s century-long sports heritage.


Renowned for its meticulously crafted denim jeans, Japanese brand Evisu has garnered a reputation for exceptional quality through its steadfast commitment and focus over the past three decades. The seagull motif has become the brand’s iconic emblem. This wide-cut tee in green features the brand name rendered in a vintage-style font, exuding a refreshing and dynamic vibe.


When it comes to athleisure style, one cannot overlook Y-3, the brainchild of Japanese design legend Yohji Yamamoto, who made a groundbreaking collaboration with sportswear giant ADIDAS back in 2001, giving birth to the sensational Boxing Shoes. Since then, Y-3 has become a fusion of high-fashion aesthetics and streetwear athleticism, pushing the boundaries of innovation. This Y-3 convertible sling bag, featuring two metallic buckle rings, effortlessly transforms into a lightweight companion. Crafted from durable, tear-resistant nylon fabric and equipped with a dedicated compartment for a laptop, it excels in both functionality and style.


With a history spanning nearly a century, LACOSTE was founded by none other than René Lacoste, a member of the renowned French tennis team “Les Quatre Mousquetaires” who clinched numerous international tennis championships. Following his retirement from the sport, LACOSTE leveraged his own playing experience to design sportswear that embodies functionality, comfort, and style, becoming one of the iconic brands in the realm of athleisure. This pair of LACOSTE’s signature athletic pants showcases a modern silhouette, offering a fresh interpretation of the classic styles from the LACOSTE Paris collection.


Embodying the youthful exuberance reminiscent of collegiate sports teams, this Abercrombie & Fitch Varsity Logo baseball cap evokes the vibrant campus life of American Ivy League colleges. Originally designed as an outerwear brand for elite athletes, A&F was established in 1892 and has been adorned by literary figures like Ernest Hemingway, former U.S. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kenndy. With over a century of history, it has evolved into a beloved brand among college students, upholding the legacy of casual sportswear aesthetics.


With its reputation for youthful allure and avant-garde aesthetics, Calvin Klein has consistently pushed the boundaries of brand image and innovation. Established in 1968, the label first made waves with its Western-style suits and outerwear. However, it was during the 1980s that Calvin Klein made a momentous leap into the realm of underwear, sparking a cultural frenzy and seamlessly fusing streetwear with athletic fashion. This Calvin Klein T-Shirt epitomizes a vibrant color palette and exudes an unmistakable youthful energy. The relaxed silhouette and UV Cooling-treated cotton fabric not only ensure UPF 40+ protection but also effortlessly blend style and functionality.


Tommy Hilfiger has always been the epitome of American classics, embodying the vibrant spirit of New York campuses since 1969. Its clothing style, loved by young Americans, exudes a youthful energy. In 1985, Tommy Hilfiger launched its men’s sportswear collection, showcasing a unique lifestyle taste that blends casual and athletic fashion. This white sports shoe, embroidered with a mini TH logo, pays homage to the brand’s sporting roots, ensuring this classic style stays on-trend.


The visionary behind the esteemed British brand Fred Perry is none other than an eight-time Grand Slam champion in men’s singles tennis. Founded in 1952, Fred Perry received the prestigious endorsement from Wimbledon, symbolizing the highest honor in the Open Era with its iconic embroidered laurel wreath logo. Transitioning effortlessly from the sports arena to the fashion forefront, Fred Perry has also made its mark on the British cultural zeitgeist. This exquisite high-neck track jacket proudly showcases the brand’s timeless emblem, embodying the essence of Fred Perry’s cultural significance through its meticulous design.

Featured brands: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, CALVIN KLEIN, Champion, Evisu, FRED PERRY, Lacoste, TOMMY HILFIGER, Y-3

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